Hmm, conflicting schedule tonight. Soccer or trivia? Brains or brawn? shinguards or synapses? Mind or muscles?
sweating or guessing?

order please

You know you are in a room of geeks, when someone describes something using the term “orders of magnitude” and specifies that is decimal orders of magnitude.

islands in the stream

I know a couple of people that read this are up on osx audio, and/or icecast and such, so…

I was reading loopers-delight, and one of the posters detailed a setup they used to stream a live set to the net. Not the newest idea in the world, but I’d never really given it much thought as something I could do if I happened to be playing a show in a venue with some wireless access.

Anyone using icecast or similar tech under osx? I’d probably be running the sound into cubase or Ableton Live to record, so would probably need to stream it from there (perhaps after some basic compression, etc). Anyone done anything like that?

All the phasmatodea stuff is freely licensed anyway. I don’t really expect anyone to listen in, but it would be something interesting to try anyway. Geek value.

Though the idea of adding a big pile of software to the already complex setup I have is probably asking for trouble, I might give it a try one day anyway.

If anyone has any experience doing this under linux, I’d be interested in hearing about it as well. I can always bring along the linux laptop as well.

Some info on doing this via icecast someone from the loopers list posted.