boring weekend. slept alot. Exciting eh?

hmm, a week since last post and nothing interesting
to post. Well, lots of boring work stuff associated
with launch week.

Weird things that have been annoying me recently:

  1. dreams about having all your teeth fall out
  2. artist/musician/writer/etc websites that say things
    like “welcome to my home on the internet!” with a bad
    photo and a scan of a autograph style signature.
    (google on current music for an example…)

  3. any tv shows that originated from england, with a few exceptions.
    Especially annoying if they show them on PBS. Does any sane
    human actually watch “East Enders” ?

  4. Halloween. Is it over yet?
  5. My X-server deciding it needs to map 550megs of ram
  6. The fact that VH-1 shows more heavy metal
    than any other channel. Apparently yesterday was “All Ozzy, All Day Sunday”

3.. 2.. 1…

Woooo. King Crimson playing DC in Dec. With John Paul Jones opening
up. I heart King Crimson.

John Paul Jones should be interesting. Never was really a big Led Zepplin fan,
but John Paul Jones seems to be the only one that still makes interesting music.
And to top it off, on his last tour, he toured with bass player/stick player
Nick Beggs. Better known as “that guy from Kajagoogoo that played the
bass in ‘Too Shy'”
. You can’t argue with creds like that.

7.2 launch day. Every thing seemed to survive, so far. Havent found the
killer really annoying bug yet, but I’m sure ones out there waiting to be found.

Last week pretty much sucked. Unexpected scalibity issues on the servers.
We kissed them and they are all better now.

great timing

more updates to my system tuning info. apache listenBacklog, and various useful urls added.

On a day when we release three very common package updates, we managed
to have a turned-out-to-be-minor-but-looked-grave database issue that was
causing TheReallyBigTable to miss the useful index and hit a useless one instead.
The db whiz kids seem to have found a fix thankfully.

Currently in the process of spamming (er, sending out requested opt-in notifications…)
to about a gazillion people.

I’m in the mood to make hummus again. I don’t know why.

Other than that, a boring day.

soup is good food

A couple of friends from college dropped by unexpectedly. So I got
to hang out with them for a little while, and realize that large chunks
of my brain is only there to hold in-jokes and bizarre references for later
recovery at unpredictable times.

It also occured to me that except for people I work with, and local
friends, pretty much noone I know has seen me with a beard and
long hair. I tend to forget about that, and the reactions tend to catch
me off guard. Perhaps I should consider looking somewhat less

info update

added some apache tuning info to
my system tuning page. Most noteworthy, use of mod_proxy to proxy/cache.

Half tempted to go see “The Others” again. Saw it last weekend and was
fairly impressed. Might be interesting to see it again.

The former NC governor Jim Hunt came to speak at
Red Hat today, and I somehow managed to over sleep
and miss it. Wonder if he had anything interesting to say.


attempt to leave work “early” and get some sleep
backfired. I started fiddling around this site instead.
Oh well, it was worth a shot.
Looks to be an interesting place to eavesdrop, and mumble
the occasional lightly veiled cry for attention ;->
At least according to the commercial that just bounced
across tv, the new Janes Addiction tour is hitting arenas instead of clubs/ballrooms. Bleah. More instant nostalgia. Yay.