Spent the weekend visiting relatives in Virginia. Its amazing how quickly a 1 year old
nephew can disappear from your site and get into various sorts of mischief.

Had a slightly odd day today. Work was normal, mostly. Then headed over to
kings for trivia night. But that was cancelled, so we played bingo instead. Kind
of a weird confusing vibe in general. Or maybe it was just me that was confused.

Discussed the Dave Attell/ Lewis Black show with R from our standard trivia
team. He enjoyed the show alot and mentioned Dave Attell would be at
Charlie Goodnights tomorow night, and discussed possibly going.

I didn’t eat any real food today, so was starving. So suggested we head
over to IHOP. After sitting down and discussing a few things, including
the Attell show tomorow, I noticed that sitting two tables away was of
all people, Dave Attell. So we figured that was a sure sign we should go
to the show.

Wandered over the badger‘s place sunday. Played with the
chapman sticks a bit. First was a bit of a minimalist phrase interlocking
thing that eventually morphed into me playing my soulless stab at
atmospheric space blues. Second bit involved more or less a
hawkwind/ozric style “bubbly echoey guitarish” thing, and various
permutations around that.

Borrowed a midi controller keyboard from badger on the way out.
Hooked it up to my home machine and was inputing data into
rosegarden in about 5 minutes. Not bad. Haven’t figured out
how to do General Midi via Timidity yet, but I suspect its

Now if someone would just build me a rh9 ish kernel with
O(1), NPTL, and the low latency and preemt patches, I’d
be happy. Apparently the first two conflict with the
latter two though.