it will blend

Spent most of Sunday trying to learn how to use Blender (Blender the 3d modelling app, not the home appliance. I’ve already gotten my KACBO [Kitchen Aid Certified Blender Operator certification]).

I knew it was a fairly impressive app, just from seeing what the kids did at the Red Hat High blender course a few years ago.

It’s not the easiest thing to learn how to use, especially since I haven’t really tried any 3d apps in about 10 years. The last time I tried it, it was all CSG based apps for building models for POV-RAY. Blender is mostly a mesh based modelling tool, like most modern 3d apps.

The main motivation being a combination of sites that offer web based 3d printing like and the possibility of Techshop Durham getting a 3d printer in the future.

I only made it through a couple of the tutorials so far, but it’s been fun. Just need to figure out something cool to design and print.


I posted a small script I use to help manage the git repo’s of func to github. It’s named gum[1].

The basic idea is you include a gum.conf config file in your repo, that defines where you can find all of the repo’s and branches of the project in question. It’s got a couple of commands to add list the repo’s, add a repo, or add all of the repo’s. It always names the branch in the form remotename-branchname.

I wrote it since it seemed I would end up with a different version of the git repo on every machine I used, and I got tired of tracking down remote and branch names to add them to each src checkout I was using.

[1] mainly to annoy skvidal ;->

reading is hard

I read a lot of mailing lists. Mostly for various open source software projects. Most of them for work.

It would be cool to have a mailing list summary page. The page would scan the mailing lists, and post the content most likely to need attention. For software projects, this is stuff like:

  • Patches ( does this for patches to some degree)
  • urls to bug reports
  • urls to pastebin¬† or gists sites that are likely to contain errors or patches
  • things that look like error messages (segfaults, stack traces, etc)
  • links to SCM (either direct urls, or urls to web interfaces, github, bitbucket, etc)

Mailing list archive software could probably do this. Mailman has support for “topics” that are defined by regex’s. But the interface is poor.

And of course, an RSS feed for all of the above would be nice.

glass colored glasses

Last night I got a weird call from where I get my glasses. The message was “You need to come by the store to pick up the glasses you ordered in June”. Slightly odd. I did order glasses in June, and picked them up shortly there after. Obviously someone made a mistake of some sort.

So this morning I get out of bed, put my glasses on, and manage to break them. The side piece broke off of the frames. I barely touched them.

So now I have to call the glasses place and try to figure out what they are confused about. I tell them that I have the glasses I ordered, so something is odd. Then I get to tell them that I need to come by anyway since I broke that pair this morning. More confusion.

Of course, they don’t actually have replacement frames available, so I’m stuck with my old pair that are scratched all to hell and are now driving me crazy. There’s a limited warranty, so I can get the frames replaced.

Since the old glasses are bothering me, I try to fix the old ones. That didn’t work too well. Glues don’t really like attaching nickel alloy to nickel alloy. Even doesn’t offer much help. Epoxy’s don’t work since the contact area is so small. I could glob a big pile of JB Weld on there, but I don’t think I could get the lenses out then. Other even less wise repair technique flash into my head. Brazing nickel is unlikely to work.

I’m tempted to wrap a big gob of wire or tape around it. That would be a nice touch, since I’m going to (aka, linux/open source conference at NCSU, aka, NerdCon).