I was lame and didn’t go out to the show at the cantina last night.

This is doubly lame because I didn’t have anything to do. I
didn’t have any excuse not to go. And not one, not two, but
three friends were playing music. And to top it off, I could
of probably played as well if I asked. But alas.

I didn’t accomplish much either, aside from cleaning
up the music/computer/workshop room in my apartment.
Well, I did take a look at learning how to write
quicksilver plugins. Doesn’t look too hard, though
I hadn’t noticed just how weird Objective C is. If
I write one, I’ll probably just do it in python.

Had a short but productive Phasmatodea
practice today. Tried out my new toy, a Boss VF-1 (a rackmount effects processor,
aka, yet another device to make weird noises…).

Reminds me I need to finish editing the stuff we’ve
recorded and send a cd off to some of the radio
stations that might actually play that kind of

So, at some point, someone is either going to have to
write an Uber social networking/blog/photo/goal/
email/im/review/media cataloging/dating/bookmark/etc
site, or the existing sites are going to have to learn
to talk to each other.

The sad part of course, is if either of those happen,
someone evil is going to abuse it. But alas.

On the same note, I’ve setup a
43 things page.
Theres also the del.icio.us
page I setup but don’t actively use. Guess I just
need a flickr account now. Oh crap, never mind.

This is kind of a weird and somewhat fascinating trend.

There seems to be some sort of weird del.icio.us/43 Things/43 Folders/”getting
things done”/php/CSS/os x/blogging/flickr nexus. I’m not sure I understand
that. It can only mean one thing. There are too many web developers.
They must be destroyed.

Okay, maybe thats not what it means. I think it really just means
that people are well aware of their lack of efficiency and productivity
and that by somehow sharing this with others it will change. I can
understand that. I don’t really buy it, but so it goes.

This post has a lot of /’s in it.

I should take advantage of this trend. The obvious thing to me
is a meta site where people could create accounts and then
link all there other accounts to it. That wouldn not even
be that hard.

Phasmatodea is playing next Friday (Feb 4th)
at Glitter Gallery in Raleigh, NC. Glitter Gallery is located upstairs from
Father And Sons in downtown Raleigh. It will be First Friday, so come out,
stare at us making weird music, then wander around starting at art.

What do you do when you don’t feel like doing anything

You make muffins. Or at least I did.

I baked. Really. And it even worked. Tasty
pumpkin muffins. I only made about 3 times
as many as I could eat.

Not bad for having never baked before.

After years of intense research, I have decided the best music to
listen to at work is any Miles Davis album from the 70’s.
Pangea, Agharta, Live/Evil, Dark Magus, etc.

The louder the better.

I’m sure this will benefit everyone.

So, I have to detail my drive home. Unfortunately, my story is
kind of boring. Took a little over an hour to get home, leaving
about 3pm. The record around the office seems to have been
about a 15 hour drive home.

the heck I’m talking about for non locals

A series of compounding events and inclement road
conditions led to the worse traffic I’ve ever seen
in my ~12 years of living in Raleigh.

Odd that the huge ice storm a few years ago, the
20 inches of snow also a few years ago, or any of
the two or three hurricanes in the time didn’t
seem to cause remotely as much traffic problems.

It being kind of unexpected combined with everyone
being out was a bad combo. The huge ice storm
a few years ago was a surprise, but it was later
in the evening, iirc.

I hope a traffic engineer somewhere has a nice
set of interesting data to analise now.

It snowed for a few hours today. First snow accumulation of the season. Not a lot
of snow, but it was cold enough it stuck to the roads pretty well. It was also
somewhat unexpected (no one was forecasting any measurable snow).

For reasons unknown, the traffic was horrible. Lots of gridlock and
other concurrency issues. I suspect the combo of the schools letting
out, and everyone taking advantage of the first snow day of the
year led to pretty much any one with a car on the road at the same time.

The worst thing about the snow? Having to hear over and over
variations of “Southerners can’t drive in the snow”, “I’m
from the north, I’m used to snow”, “4wd helps you go, but doesn’t
help you stop”, “Why are people going to the grocery store for
bread and milk”, “The state has two snow plows and one is busted.”,

Got it. Don’t care. It’s not new info. It’s not clever. It’s
not interesting. Please shut up.