From spot

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Not a huge location person. I’d mainly want to live near wherever
my friends/family live.

Aside from that, I’m not a huge fan of winter. Or summers.

Somewhere up near the mountains with lots of trees. Not
a huge beach person, but I could adjust.

Or maybe an underground/rammed earth/etc house
out in the dessert. Or an abandoned missle silo. Or an
old factory.

2. Your knowledge of music is unparalleled, will you bestow upon me the name of a band I should listen to but have likely never heard of?

If I could only pick one:
Clockhammer. Not to be confused with Clawhammer. But
all there cd’s are long out of print.

But otherwise:

Ozric Tentacles is a good one that you can still find cds from. Jawbox is a good not all that obscure band I suspect you would like.

3. Where did you learn to do those incredibly cool doodles?

I didn’t really do anything to learn to do it. Thats just the
inside of my brain oozing it’s way onto paper. Been doing it
in some form or another since elementary school.

4. Red Hat Engineering looks to you to cast the deciding vote on lunch, so where are we going?
Baja Burrito. Or Two Guys.

5. If up2date had an easter egg, what would it do?

upon installing a package with “alikins” in the version and “brainhurt” release, it
would pop up a GL dialog showing you a 3D version of the dependency graph of
every package Red Hat has ever shipped.

Lots of lost sleep this week hacking a fun new feature in up2date.
It will finally allow me to have a really really good answer to
“The Question That Never Goes Away”.

So, I compiled cvs gimp on the debian pa-risc box. Kind of
a test run to see how long I can expect it to take to rebuild
a given package.

result, about 3h40m to build, probabaly another 10 to
make install. So figure just about 4 hours to build an

Building a dist could take a while.