Some days you should just stay home.

Staring to get the list of features people want for the next release
of up2date. Lots of big things. Some kind of scary.

So far haven’t gotten a chance to work on my current
“fun but useful” project today. Hopefully it will get to
the point soon that we can announce it and see if
people find it useful.

Of course, that project is sort of step .003 of
one of the main features I’d like to do for the next
release. Still kind of in the the planning stages,
and it’s kind of a project that will require integration
of several areas, but could be a nice feature if
we get it working.

Is that vague enough for you? It’s nothing really
that secret, just don’t want to dive into details
while still deep in the vaporware stages.

Got off my arse and went over to badger‘s place saturday and
played a bit. Took over the Parker, and two bins full of effects pedals. Yes,
I’m that kind of guitar player. Had fun, been a long time since I actually
attempted to jam with other folks. Made lots of fun noises.

I need to work on getting the levels of the various bits worked out
a bit, but thats no surprise. I think next time I might bring over the
stick, since I don’t have years of cliches on stick like I do guitar.
Or maybe just the mixing board/noise rig.

Things I’ve learned (or relearned) so far from watching the Grammy’s:

    Popular music in all genres tends to be on the boring side.

    If I’m ever a world famous musician, and you see me on stage
    with Michael Kaman, please shoot me in the face.

Spent the weekend in Statesville. Got stuck
there an extra day. Or at least, I didn’t feel like driving while it was actively

The most interesting thing about the drive home was watching sheets
of ice fly off cars and disintegrate. Very pleasant.

Aside from that, didn’t accomplish anything over the weekend.
Missed the Damo Suzuki show at ps211 because of the crappy

Put up new mp3 / oggs on the Japan