votes: collect them all

random idea: Those “I voted” stickers. They should make them official. Serial numbers, limited editions, etc. Kind of like stamps except for no monetary values.

Each state could have their own designs. Each voting round would have a different one.

Worse case someone would vote just so they get a “collectable” sticker.

web site session sites?

I sometimes find myself sitting at someone else’s computing using their web browser. With all of their sessions and cookies. So say, going to a given website I get their login.

I can log them out of their accounts and log me in, but thats annoying. Some firefox extensions exist that seem to support multiple users per browser, but that requires extensions.

I wonder if it would be possible to setup a proxy website that would store all my various session info so I could retain it as I switched machines.

I’m not exactly well versed in web stuff these days, but it seems like it should be doable. Maybe such a thing already exists.