I seem to finally have a working sane way to synchronize bookmarks
between multiple machines now. Firefox plus the “Bookmarks Synchronizer”

I think the last time I had that working was Netscape 4.x something.

Lots of interesting shows this week.

Tuesday is Battles at Cats Cradles. I
like Battles a lot

Thursday, Friday, Saturday is the Great Cover Up. I know
at least two folks playing at some point. Last year it
was a blast.

On that very same Saturday, Phasmatodea
is playing at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill.

Things not to do:

1. Let your laptop bag break a strap while walking down stairs, sending
your laptop tumbling down half a flight of stairs.

Thanksgiving at the parents. I’m bored. So I’m
randomly configuring crap on the laptop.

a screenshot

Think I got the desktop setup in a workable fashion. Lots ot
quicksilver abuse.

Firefox fiddling, etc.