anyone ever done any high speed (aka, Edgerton style) photography?

From what I’ve been reading, it doesn’t look like it would be too difficult. Seems to
be even doable with a good digital camera and the right equipment
(aka, hold the shutter open in darkness, then a very quick flash set off
by some sort of trigger, etc).

From poking around, it looks like
has about the right level of stuff for what will probabaly be another two month
long fixation of mine. And HiViz seems to be vageuly associated with the North
Carolina School Of Science & Math in durham, which is kind of cool
I supposed.

They’ve got kits for building flash triggers and delays, and some useful
looking docs.

I know several folks who are mild to serious photography nuts, anyone
tried this kind of stuff before?

So, looks like I’m gonna have a chance to hang some of doodles
at work as part of the ongoing rotating exhibits (aka, that
art on the walls).

But I need to get stuff mounted in some fashion. I’ve
already got a few things matted and framed, but
am I trying to decide what of the smaller stuff I
should try to use.

lots of small images and request for comments

Five words that destroy any idea of trying to eat a healthy
meal: “all you can eat hushpuppies”

now I need a nap.

Dragstrip Syndicate apparently broke up sometime yesterday, so were’nt able
to play last night. Did get to see The Dynamite Broters though, who are always
good, and ran into several folks I know.

Had a lot of work at work this, but seem to have been making
progress. A fairly focued and productive week.

If your in the Raleigh area, you should head out to
Kings tonight. Dragstrip Syndicate are playing
whats apparently one of their last shows.
The Dynamite Broters are also playing.
Should be an entertaining show.


“” has a robots.txt in its root.
However, “” does not.

thats kind of lame.

Didn’t do much over the weekend. Aside from buying
random crap. Hit a few used cd and book stores.
Pick up 10 books, even managed to read half of
them already. Half a dozen cd’s as well, mostly
stuff I’ve heard more about than actually heard.

So just for kicks:

John Paul Jones/Zooma: Only 3/4 of the way though
this atm, and it is still roughly 300% better than
the combined output of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
post zeppelin.

Jesus Lizard/Show: not bad, sounds like it be
fun live. The mathy songs are the best ones, but
then, thats just me.

Hawkwind/In The Beginning: a very very low
(sub bootleg) quality hawkwind live show
from early 70’s. Pretty cool otherwise though,
might try to pick up some studio stuff.

Tar/Over and Out: cool, kind of reminds me
a little of the nosier bits of jawbox

Sugar/Beaster: I like it, huge guitar sounds.

Einstarzende Neubauten/Haus der Luege: I like
it. Which I suppose is good, since I’ve got
tickets to see them live.

Bang On A Can/Industry: very cool

Peter Gabriel/1: good, but I’ll probabaly
never actually listen to it again

Mind Over 4/?: bought based on a vague
memory of a record review I read maybe 15
years ago. Sort of vaguely postcore influenced
alt metal (aka, you can tell these guys liked
quicksand and faith no more). Bleah. Not so hot.

On closer listening, this John Paul Jones freaking