into the hills

Rode the bike to my parents place this weekend, and then up into the mountains with dad, brother-in-law, and brother-in-laws dad. They are all harley types, so it was a pretty laid back ride most of the way. Up 321 to boone, down 105 aways, BRP a bit, then down 226 to marion, and back to Statesville via 10 and 18.

Did some wandering around Statesville Sunday before heading back. I definitely need a new rear tire now.

On the way home, clicked over 10,000 miles on the odometer, just over half of which is mine.

Didn’t do any work on the bike, though current plans are possibly putting the “superbars” handlebars that used to be on it back on, and maybe rigging up some sort of removable saddle bag rail for trips. Might also look into modifying the bracket that holes the taillight/license plate so I can mount the turn signals there as well.

bad google!

googlebot decided to index the entire site. Alot. 800 megs worth of spidering.

Bad googlebot!

Robots.txt to block the whole site for now. Apparently the prefered solution is to do some url rewriting and
only block special pages and scripts and whatnot. But I’m not much for correctly writing htaccess files in that awesome RandomApacheConfSyntaxWePulledOutOfSomeOrifice.

I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

rockett videos

So, I found some instructional videos on how to do some mods to a Thruxton (a variation of the Triumph Bonneville). They are fairly well made.

The weird thing? Produced,written, and directed by Rikki Rockett. Yes, that Rickki Rockett.

Heh, weird.


Hanging french doors is a huge PITA.

Put on new front brake pads on the bonneville. Also switch out the front fork springs for some progressive springs and replaced the fork oil.

Probably need to replace the rear tire before too long.

[view at ]

emegency podcast network

Visiting my parents place, and the power went out in the middle of the night. And I started thinking about what devices do and do not work. And I had an idea: The Emergency Podcast Network.

The idea being a localized (say. by zipcode) podcast that contains emergency info. It could include police/fire, utilities like power/water/gas/telephone/cable, evactuation info, etc.

For devices that can show text the info would be included as text files. Other devices could do the “text as filenames in playlist” trick. Devices that can show images could include maps.

You could do a map trick, and figure out the zipcodes a trip will take you through, and download all the approriate info.

Since it would be a huge number of localized podcast, the audio info could be generated with speech synths or phone menu style prerecorded snippets.

It might actually make a podcast that would be useful.

random ideas

I want to build a mbira using a 3-4 inch diamater pipe, maybe 3 foot long. Have the keys running along the top, but mounted perpendicular to the length. With a shoulder mount. And a sight. I’ll call it a mbirazooka.

I want to make a new brake pedal for the bonneville. With the rear sets and the current brake pedal, the ergos of the pedal aren’t ideal, especially if I’m wearing boots. I want a pedal thats a little bit lower, and/or a little further right. Only concern would be getting the pedal much lower than the foot peg. Scraping a foot peg is mostly harmless. Bashing the brake level into the ground could be bad. Shouldn’t be hard to make.

I want to build an intrument of some sort you control with random remote controls. Using something like irman/lirc and
hacking it to generate MIDI would be enough. Plug that into something like Reaktor. Call the hole thing “Potatoe”. Or maybe
convert the ir signals sound input. Or maybe both.

no more rear fender

I took off the rear fender on the Triumph. Bought a kit with all the brackets and what not needed for relocating the

No functional reason. I just think it looks cooler.

Also put on a pair of Ikon progressive rear shocks. Those do seem to work a bit better. (And they look cooler).

I got tagged by base10 for a music meme, which of course, I have to

So, whats 5 things I’ve been listening to? Well, nothing particular I suppose. Mostly
“shuffle” on the ogg player.

But as far as new stuff, I’d have to answer “sludge metal”. Earth, Sunn{{{, Jesu, High On Fire, etc. And gasp,
even a band that they’ve played on MTV in the past 5 years, System Of A Down.