Didn’t accomplish much this weekend.

Saturday went over to badgers place for
phasmatodea practice.
Decided I need to mod the ring mod so it has a true bypass
switch (it’s kind of noisy even when disengaged).

Later headed down to Kings for Eric and Robins wedding
reception. Yes, that two wedding receptions at rock clubs
I’ve been to in two weeks. Guess that says something about
my friends.

Sunday got up way to late, thinking everything I had
planned to do was later in the evening. That however
was not the case, so just ended up heading to a book
store and buying some books. One about oppenheimer and
friends, another electronics book, and the third being
a fairly detailed history of the Can-Am racing series
(pretty much a no holds barred road racing series that
ran from late 60’s to early 70’s…)