Time-Warner kind of screwed up my cable setup. Big surprise.

I’m not particular happy with the new web hoster. I asked them
to install vim-enhanced on the boxes two weeks ago and it
never happened. Also, by default, cgi’s run as nobody
(instead of using suexec to run as the owner). This concerns
me because it limits what I can do with perms, and it makes
cgi exploits more interesting.

Got performance review from work. I’d have to say that
my boss pretty much nailed it on the head. I’ve got
no complaints.

In the mood to go see a show. Was yesterday as well,
but doesn’t look anyone interesting is playing anywhere.
Getup-kids/superchunk at the ritz might be interesting,
but ugh, the ritz.

Hmm, one weird thing about LiveJournal or weblogs or online journals/diaries in general.
I often see info that I suspect people didn’t really want known (despite them publishing
it in an obviously open forum). Kind of weird aint it?

Are there any good places to look for places to live that are not
condos/townhouse/apartment complex? I need to find a new
apartment, and dont really want to live in another
random apartment complex

Every where I turn in the last few months, there seems to be a new
stupid law taking away freedoms. Scary.

first 20 or so google hits on “adrian is”

“Adrian is the person who affected it most since 1978 when forming my view of life”
“Adrian is a willing test subject and model.”
“Adrian is the author of Sun Performance and Tuning: SPARC and Solaris”
“Adrian is into cars and music.”
“Adrian is one of those people that gives 188% to everything he does.”
“Adrian is Professor of Statistics and Sociology at the University of Washington.”
“Adrian is feeling philosophical.”
“Adrian is well known throughout the event industry for his dedication to providing a very high-end, client-focused DJ service. ”
“Adrian is a founding member, board member, and writer to evolt.org.”
“Adrian is a small but progressive community located in the western portion of Nobles County in Southwestern Minnesota. ”
” Adrian is the only artist to date, to take three top prizes including overall best in show. ”
“Adrian is an avid reader, and thoroughly enjoys a good historical novel, as well
as nonfiction books about the martial arts and those pertaining to spirituality ”
“Adrian is currently investigating the density-potential (Ne?VS/C) relation between the ambient ionospheric plasma and the SCIFER payload; ”
“Adrian is the defending BIG EAST outdoor discus champion and has qualified for the
2002 BIG EAST Outdoor Championship in the hammer throw, shot put and discus.”
“Adrian is the patron of soldiers and butchers.”
“Adrian is a certified Psychic Medium and an ordained minister of the Religion of Spiritualism.”
” Adrian is the god of trading, the marketplace, wealth, prosperity, and general economic well-being.”
” Adrian is investigating frameworks for the development of advanced database application systems. ”
“Adrian is an accomplished dancer and choreographer.”
“Adrian is fluent in three languages: English, French and Italian. ”
“Adrian is the most likely face that you will see when returning equipment.
“Adrian is a multifaceted child who can be described as respectful, kind, engaging, sweet, cute, and socially appropriate. “

Looks like I made it onto Federico’s
web log. Cool.

Talking to jbj makes my brain hurt.

Staring at the new new list of stuff to rewrite and pondering actually
drawing out the deps and tsort’ing them again. That proved
helpful last time.