What have I been up to?

I went sailing with lintqueen. Well sort of. She took a keel boat sailing class, and I showed up and went out with her on the boat. Though I did get to steer (er, rudder? ). I even resisted the urge to yell “I’m SAILING!”.

Went to the NC state fair. Ate a lot of food. Bought a lot candy. Almost got sick on a couple of rides. Luckily, that seemed to be mostly due to the cold I was getting.

Which was good, because a few days later, we went to Kings Dominion for their Halloween setup. Rode lots of roller coasters (all the ones that were open anyway). Went through a couple of the maze/haunted house setups. Lots of fun.

I bought an ukulele, and have been trying to learn how to play it. So far so good. Gina got one too, and has been learning as well. She is picking it up very fast (a lot faster than I ever learned how to play guitar). I suggest you buy one too, if you want to be one of the cool kids.

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Nerd News

Tech Shop is coming to Durham

Gimp 2.4 released. I’ve got a couple small patches in this release (some of the photoshop brush (.abr) support, and the brush”jitter” stuff). Hopefully devel on 2.6 will start soon and maybe I can get a couple of my old patches included this time.

The Secret Life Of Machines are now available for download in multiple formats.

Func. My latest project from work is FUNC. It’s an idea I’ve been tossing around for years, and we finally sat down and churned it out. It’s basically a web services (in our case, xml-rpc) systems management framework that uses ssl for client and server auth with a pluggable backend for extending the api.