New levels of geekiness approaching. Just bought a pa-risc box off of ebay
for fiddling with parisc linux.

Ended up staying in town for the weekend. Wandered over to
badger‘s saturday for some noise making. Kind
of out of practice on the stick and it kind of showed. Need to
get back in the habit of practicing.

I’ll probably try to finish the cd rack this weekend.

It’s friday. Debating about going home to finish my cd rack, or staying in
town and going to the Kirby Dirby.

Got a new cell phone/provider. This one seems to actually work to some degree.
Already downloaded a ringtone (the opening music from Galaga, nice…). And
fiddled about with creating wap/wml pages. The latter seeing mostly useless,
but what the heck.

And since mozilla still doesn’t have roaming profile support, some links:

wmlgen, python wml module
intro to wml
arcade game ringtones

Went home over the weekend. Did some welding. Decided to build a cd rack.
Mostly done. The structural bits are finished, just need to do the cosmetic bits
(strip/grind/sand/primer/paint/etc). Will have to wait till this weekend probably.

Could of used a better way to cut steel than a angle grinder and a cut
off wheel. That doesn’t make for the most accurate cuts and helped
contribute to some of the “character” of the result. Definately need
a plasma cutter. Or at least a reciporacting saw. And a new angle
grinder. Sounds like a trip to
Northern Tool
is in order. Or maybe a chop saw. Or perhaps a
metal band saw (that being a band saw to cut metal, not a saw to
cut metal bands…). Wonder if a band saw manufactor ever considered
getting, say, Slayer to endorse them. Hell, I’d buy a band saw endorsed
by Slayer.

Many possibilities for loss of money and fingers abound.