tivo seems to have updated to the 2.5 software already. Which seems to
generally be a lot better.

except now the “advance ahead 30 seconds” (aka “skip a commercial”)
advances to the very end of a recording. Looks like there is a “code” to
reenable that. Something to try when I get home.

One thing I would like is someway to say “record all shows with performances
by band/artist FOO”. I’ve tried setting up some keyword wishlists that way, but
so far havent caught anything.

I seem to be somewhat addicted to ebay now. I now see how people can
easily become “collectors”. I’m scared.

Caught an episode of Egg that features Ned Kahn
who looks to have lots of interesting pieces. Looks like even a couple in North
Carolina. He seems to mention Andy Goldsworthy as an inspiration, which doesnt really surprise me.

Went and saw Trans Am at Kings last night. Not quite as interesting
as John Paul Jones & King Crimson I suspect, but tickets were
certainly easier to get.

Pretty good show all and all. A much different (and shorter) set than
last time they played at Kings. This set was a lot dancier and a lot
less “Evil Dark Sci-Fi Overlords Of The Planet Oberheim”. I kind
of preferred the latter, but the crowd seemed to enjoy the show.

Bits and chunks of a digitech pds8000 arived (quite literally, no
case, just parts). If nothing else, I should be able to put it’s innards
into the pds-2000 case.

Looks like I might actually have something to do this weekend.
Unfortunately, it also looks like I might be working this weekend.
Entering stage one of “Operation Cheetah Flip”. We’ll see how
this goes.

The Lexicon Vortex finally arrived.
That in combo with the “Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah/Ring Modulator”
should make for interesting noises. If nothing else, the latter wins for most interesting name for something
to plug a guitar into. Also got a couple of digitech delay pedals on the way (the pds-* “double
pedal” variety for those that care). I used to have one and got rid of it for reasons I dont remember.

Finally got the up2date errata out the door. It seems like it took ages. The new version seems
to be pretty good except for one report of it failing on lilo.confs with ‘boot=”/dev/hda”‘. (ie, the
name of the boot device quoted). I have something like 130 lilo.confs in the test suite and
none of them have that. Grrr.

Posted by request of flavor. I need to find more vaguely interesting
images to post.

Oh my. I have finally caved to ebay. Bank account be damned.

I am so doomed.

one Lexicon Vortex on the way, more toys^H^H^H^Htools to follow.

two degrees

Inspired by a comment by moonfl0wer I started thinking about how many
connections there are in lj.

Having recently read a couple of articles about visualizing the structure of socal networks
(granted, mostly about crime amd terrorist families, but interesting nonetheless) I decided
to give a try at visualizing a couple of degrees of seperation of “friends” on lj. A little
bit of math and anything beyond two degrees is getting hairy, and anything beyond three is
completely out of hand.

So, whipped up a python script to fetch the friend info from the LJ userinfo pages
and built a data file for feeding to graphviz.
The two degree of seperation chart for me can be seen at
aklikins.ps. Warning: It’s a pretty large
postscript file. I couldnt find a good way to get the list of friends for a given
user other than just parsing the html on the userinfo page. Is there a better way?
All of the client protocol stuffs only lets you query for your user.

I suspect if the lj maintainers wanted, they could generated this kind of info alot
quicker than I could. Possibly even doing a “six degrees” kind of thing.

Did I mention, I’m a geek?

I’m a fairly calm driver. I dont drive fast, I dont constantly yell at
any car within 100 feet of me. Most people would say I drive
like a wuss.

I’m not exactly sure where the horn on my car is. I’d have to
think about it. I never use it.

So today, I’m driving to work on a section of 4 lane interstate.
I’m passing a car on the left. Just as I’m about to pass it, it
very rapidly changes into my lane missing my car by about
a foot. Of course, no turn signal.

For some reason, I had the urge to express my displeasure with
this particular maneuver. I was -><- close to doing so with various hand gestures. But I resisted. Since the license plate on this car was now about 5 feet from my face, I couldnt help but read the tag. It said "SHP-***". What exactly that meant didnt exactly sink in for a few seconds. Thats right, an unmarked highway patrol car. Awesome. Made more fun by the fact they changed back in the other lane 20 seconds later and took an exit.