cars will fly

Weird week.

Drove to winston wed night to see Madeline Ferguson play.
The guitarist is an old friend and older brother of Scott from Japan Air.
They opened up for tetragrammaton. The latter which features Marty from Japan Air and
Andy “Will Play For Ever” Mabe amongst others.
Though I still like the original name of “Pentagram/Hologram/Billy Grahm” better.

Ended up driving back to winston thrusday night to catch “cars will fly”.
Another side project of scott and marty. They opened for the finks.
Stayed too late and ended up getting into work way way late friday. Alas.

saturday headed over to badger‘s place for a while. Lots of playing.

On sunday, on badgers suggestion, headed over to Jerry’s
. An impressive selection of art supplies to say the least. Though I have no idea
what one would do with two large rows of oil paints I have no idea.

Picked up a set of Rapidiograph pens since several folks have suggested them at this point.
So far, they seem like quite nice pens. Though, they seem like they might require a lot of

Picked up some poster board for theoretically prototyping an idea I have for a floor lamp I
eventually want to make of metal. Now I just need to figure out how to print/cut/draw/whatever
2d slices of a 3d sine wave onto a large pieces of posterboard. Once I do that, that
should make good templates.

I have the urge to take the rest of the week off. Just cause there
are couple things I want to do (two old friends playing in winston
tonight and tomorow night for example).

But alas, didn’t find out about it till much too late.

Nanci Griffith is playing
Regency Park this
Friday. I somehow managed to not noticed that (but then, Regency Park
isn’t one of those places that tend to get the kind of shows I enjoy).

Any other Nanci Griffith fans interested in going?

jawbox videos

If you have ever talked to me about music much, you know one of the
bands I’m slightly obsessive about is Jawbox.

So, I’m all happy they put up quicktimes of their videos.
Including “Cutoff” and “Savory” and the cover of “Corn Flake Girl”.