Went to the Dalek, The Melvins, Tomahawk show
last night.


Dalek were good. Kind of a cross between harshnoise and hiphop.

The Melvins were pretty good. Much more entertaining than the first
time I saw them (eeek, 8 years ago? ). Actually enjoyed their set
instead of being bored to tears.

Tomahawk was very impressive. Mike Patton is insane. And
probably a genius. And just a compound in texas away from
being a cult leader.

Set was a good balance of electronically processed vocal
freak outs, and heavy guitar driven riffage. The oddest thing
was after proclaiming that the performance of one song
“sucked”, they played the entire song again.

Cat’s Cradle was packed, and apparently the show had
been sold out for a couple days. I managed to get a ticket
off of someone waiting in line. Some friends from Winston-Salem
came up, so I was waiting on them anyway.

Things I learned today.

Wood carving is hard. And tedious.

Thats about 3 hours of work. I don’t think I’d have the patiences
to be a wood carver. Yup, three hours to create a ugly chess
piece of some sort. Maybe next time I’ll try the dremel. Or wait
till I get old and spend the time whittlin’…

Also learned that I don’t have much in the way of painting skills.
Definately need to work on my brush skills, since I generally want
precise, fluid lines with smooth edges and consistent shading, and
well, I’m not so good at that. Sneak peek at a sample as the
background for above pic.

Also learned there are at least two welding supply stores
in the raleigh area.

There also seems to be lots of motorcycle shops in the area.

Killing Joke’s “Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions” is
an excellent “driving around randomly” album.

It would be cool to learn how to do
. They have cool brushes

A rare shot of a doodle in it’s natural habitat.

In this case, the notepad that was in the schwag bag at
the Python Conference a few months ago. Done during
the keynote address, a talk by Paul Graham about what
programming languages will look like in 100 years. As
you can see, I took verbose notes.

Prettied up version, here.