Over the past 5 days or so I have:
– bought a project car (64 1/2 Ford Mustang, 260, ac,ps,pb, automatic)
– drove it back to raleigh

More details later. The 1200 or so miles I drove
from ~1pm tuesday to ~4pm wed has got my brain
all groggy.

In geeky news, I think I’ve decided to switch my main devel environment. From
xemacs to emacs. Exciting eh?

I bought a gps. I’m going to be able to tell exactly where I am
at when I rearend someone because I was staring at the gps screen.

There are no good road atlas style apps for os x.

Off to trivia at kings, maybe my team will win again. How
could we lose last week when one of the questions involved
identifying an audio clip of King Crimson’s “Red”.

Weekend practice at badgers. Nice stuff, including
one pre-Halloween piece.

Torn a chunk of my dash out of my car trying to figure out
why the cigarette lighter doesnt work (well, aside from the
obvious problem of it shooting sparks after I dropped a penny
into). Fuse seems fine, but no juice. Must of shorted somewhere
else under the dash. Probably just run power from one of the lights
in the center console to the cig lighter socket instead. Klugey,
but shrug.

What I’ve been up to recently:

shows seen:
– Scotty Irving doing a live soundtrack to The Lost World at Bickett Gallery
– Jonas Hellborg and crew at Temple Ball

Code I’ve written:
– a start at a meta package manager for osx
(this would be a lot easier if they only had say,
one, or two common packaging systems).

– Various boring `firstboot` stuff.

useful osx apps found:
uControl (simple keyboard remap utility, but it
at least lets me create a right-ctrl key that my
brain is hardwired to use)
(replacement trackpad driver that lets you map “tap on touchpad” to
ctrl-click, amongst other things)
OSXvnc vnc server
(very handy when used in combo with X2Vnc on my linux desktop)

(hmm, i need to hack in a –last mode into the meta package manager so
I can see what I installed recently)

I’m getting used to OSX. Theres still a lot of ui issues that annoy
me, but I’m slowly finding workarounds. I’ve not had much luck finding
a devel enviroment I like. So far I’m stuck using vim+terms. The main
thing I’m looking for is good python support, syntax highlighting, and
some concept of having mutltiple files open in the same window. I don’t
really understand how people can stand having a top level window open
up for every source file your editing, especially given the relatively
poor window management of osx. I’d love to get a gui xemacs that
works for osx.

Things I did over labor day weekend.


Went to Prog Day.

Bought some books, even read some of them. I
finally got around to reading Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I
had never read it before. Feel free to take away my geek card.
Also bought
The Pentagons New Map
based on seeing the author give a talk/presentation
on CSPAN. The talk was one of more interesting analysis’s of the current
military/government/etc issues surrounding terrorism, the middle east, iraq,
etc that I have heard. Authors weblog

Managed to almost knock a computer off of a table or desk by tripping on
a cable attached to it three times.