I finally decided to upgrade from my phone from a craptastic nokia to a craptacular motorrola razr.

It does have some nice improvements though. Like useable gprs and bluetooth. I got the osx box syncing to it, and able to get to the internet using it as a bluetooth modem. Took a few hours, but finally found the info I need on the cingular site. Though, the cingular docs on how to connect from osc actually have you firing up a terminal and typing in AT commands at one. Thats pretty awesome. Found a better way elsewhere.

The linux box is next. I got it talking to it via a usb bluetooth dongle, but couldn’t really test anything since I still don’t really get any GPRS connection at home.

Next up is getting the blog to accept phone posts. It seems to work for text, but something goes wonky with images. I really need to update the version of wordpress anyway, since it seems like 1.5.x is now unsupported. I’ve had to hack up the themes and whatnot to make the captcha stuff work, but hopefully thats not an issue in 2.x.