Back from Westford. Had a bit of a delay on the way when most
of the flights out of Boston were cancelled due to weather.

Lots of meetings, mostly productive. Starting to figure
out what the next big focus is going to be.

Didn’t really get a chance to do anything out of
the office. So nothing interesting to report.

Weekend is over. Not a bad weekend. Made
some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies
that turned out well. Played a bit Sunday.

I’m off to Boston/Westford for a few days
for work. If there is anything interesting
going on in the area, let me know.

The problem with baking stuff is that at some point, you end
up with a lot of food. And someone has to eat it. And when
there are leftovers, that means me.

Monday night made sugar cookies from scratch. Very tasty.
Last night made cornbread. First batch turned out well
except I forgot to grease up the skilled so it stuck
pretty well and came out in chunks. Second batch
slid right out.

I’ve been able to get rid of most of it to
coworkers thankfully. But I still eat much
too much myself.

I seemed to have spent the weekend either buying stuff
or reading websites.

Bought a bunch of cookware and what not Saturday. I
don’t really need it, but what the heck. I’ll use
it at some point.

Read up on javascript/dhtml and related areas to
see if a vague idea I had was possible. Looks like

Experimented with the idea of creating sample
sets of my own playing. Some mild success, but
it seems to be a lot of work. Is there a good
tool for creating samples for os-x? I ended up
using Audacity and Kompakt, and eventually
AudioFinder (which seems quite handy)

Headed over to badger‘s place Sunday.
Just brought over a guitar, and the mostly normal
rig. Played alot of very dreary and depressing
sounding bits. Badger was using the upright bass,
and I was using a lot of string patches which tended
to contribute to the despair. Overall, sounded quite

Phrase of the day “As known to those skilled in the art.”

So, heres an idea. If you have a account,
add urls for other social networking sites, with
the format “domain-url”. aka “frienster-url”, etc.

Aka, see

Maybe tag it with the username
or common net pseudonyms as well.

The idea being able to easily aggregate different
networking type sites. And to abuse that new fangled
tagging thing.

Just a thought.

I should of mentioned this earlier, but alas…

A bunch of friends of mine from Winston-Salem, NC went
on a tour across the country in a vegetable fuel powered
bus last summer playing rock shows as they went. And someone
filmed it.

Tonight, in Winston-Salem, is a screening.

original announcement here

anyone else seeing problems using heavy javascript stuff
in firefox? I can’t seem to get or alot
of the js stuff on to work in firefox. These
seems to be on x86-linux, x86_64-linux and mac os x.

Other mozilla based browsers on the same platforms
seem to be fine.

flickr tends to be flaky for me as well.

Update: Looks like disabling “change images”
under the advanced javascript settings is the culprit.

daw/sound editor question

I’m looking for suggestions from a DAW to use for recording
Phasmatodea shows/practice and other stuff. This will
be for a osx laptop.

I’m currently using Cubase SE. It seems to work fine
most of the time (I record most practices with it).
But it’s crashed or otherwise bugged out on me while
trying to record live stuff 4 times now. So it’s on
the chopping block.

One of the annoying things about Cubase aside from
above, is that it doesn’t support AU’s. Logic
looks interesting, but doesn’t support VST’s. I’ve
read some reports that Logic 7 is not that stable
as well.

I mostly just need simple recording and editing
support. The Phasmatodea stuff is mostly just two
mono tracks. In all honesty, I could probably make do
with GarageBand or Audacity, but figured it might
be useful to learn how to operate a more powerful
DAW. I’d also like the ability to add to do basic
midi sequencing as well.

Pro Tools LE might be interesting, but the hardware
requirement is a bit offputting.

grimepoch and idontreadlj both
suggested Digital Performer. Any other suggestions
or recomendations?