went to the henry rollins “talk” at the lincoln theatre
last night. Entertaining.

Most entertaining part for me was his speel about
going to Nashville to work on an album. With William
Shatner. And Adrian Belew.

Apparently, Henry Rollins is a huge King Crimson fan.
The term he apparently used to describe his appreciation
of King Crimson and Adrian Belew to William Shatner
was “I’m a trekkie for King Crimson”. Weird. Earlier
in the show, he also made a remark about having to
buy an extra suitcase to bring back all the King Crimson
bootlegs he bought in Tokyo as well.

I’ve seen him vaguely mention King Crimson occasionally in
a interview or too, and a quick mention in the liner notes
to one of the later Black Flag albums (Family Man? maybe).

Rollins and Adrian Belew. That should be interesting.

After reading various spam statistics from folks,
decided to take a look at mine. Since I dont
really record any info, I only have the data
since 12/20 or so. For my work account
that is.

Since 12/20/2003, I’ve received approximately
256 emails in my inbox that weren’t spam.

In my spam folder, in the same time, I’ve
received 9444 spams. That doesn’t include
the roughly 50 a day that makes it past
the spam filter. So roughly 380 spams
a day.

A rough estimate puts me at receiving
about 1850 emails a day (lots of mailing
lists…). So I guess 380 out of 1850 is
relatively good.