Fun weekend. Even went outside for a while.

Saturday was the All Astronauts/Japan Air/Trans Am
show. Showed up early and helped set up the projectors
and sound.

Then it was dinner. The ps211 guys had organized
about 20 people bringing food. The Japan Air guys
bought a ton of home made sushi that was quickly
devoured (I had more than my fair share, especially
the sesame crusted tuna…mmmmm)

First up was All Astronauts. All Astronauts is
Kemp and Kat (formerly of Malabaster) and
Fred (formerly of Squatweiler). Heavy mathy rock
stuff. Really cool. Apparently only their second show,
but excellent.

Next up was Japan Air. Excellent as always. (I’ve
known these guys since middle school, and we share
very similar musically tastes, so I’m not the least bit
impartial…). The Trans Am guys seemed to dig
it as well. Oh, and there cd’s arrived Friday, so
they had the new cd at the show. It’s called
“antarctica starts here”.

And of course, Trans Am. There played a long
set of almost entirely new songs (I think only
three old songs where “old” means “released”).
Almost the whole set was new stuff from the
new album and very cool. They also have
added a member, a second drummer/guitarist,
and it really seemed to flesh out the new stuff.

And to top it off, headed down to
Charlotte Sunday for Center City Fest. Mainly
went down to see Lake Trout, but couldn’t
resist hanging around for Jethro Tull.

Found a good bug for katzj yesterday… Lots of fun! He didn’t
write, but he got to fix it ;->

Looks like the first batch of the Japan Air cd’s arrived…

Looking forward to tomorrows show with Trans Am/Japan Air…

going though the up2date code making a list of
“things I hate” in preparation for an attempt at
a reorg/cleanup. Otherwise known as “accidently
reintroducing old bugs”. Oh well.

37 is the
most random number

News site for weird music. Vaguely interesting reading.

Looks like the email notifications for todays errata
are going out smoothly. Now for the hundreds of
non standard “I will be out of the office for the next
5 hours” bounces. Some people should really
have there .vacation ( or equivalent) forcibly
taken from them.

also, discovered my beloved Kodak DC-290 seems to have stop
working correctly. Photos with the flash or fine, but the auto exposure
stuff seems to have gone haywire for outdoor photos and the like.

Might be looking for a new digital camera soon.

And just as I was about to take some photos of some cranes..

took Friday and Monday off. The weekend activities I was intending didn’t pan
out at the last moment.

Spent most of the weekend cleaning up and whatnot. And doing as
much of nothing as I possibly could.

Bought a new faster cd burner, burnt some beta isos and installed
them on my home machine. Seemed to work fine. Attempted to
use nautilus, konqueror, gmc, krusader, rox-filer, and a few
other file managers to clean up my home dir. Decided that my
hatred of all things “file-manager” was still justified.

Bought a handful of books. Algorithms
in C
parts 1-4 and 5. The more I deal with rpm, the more I realize my computer science knowledge
is nonexistent. Also a python/xml book, and User interface design for programmers.
Also a discount copy of Earth To Spirit.
It’s filled with new-agey “spiritual” nonsense, but I’m a sucker for a book with pictures of weird houses.

Also picked up another Andy Goldsworthy book from Nice Price Books.

Watched “Crossing Jordan” on tv lastnight. Network tv could use more
hot cynical atheists.

Looking forward to the Japan Air/Trans Am show at ps211 this

Anyone going to the Rush show in Raleigh? Trying to
decide if I want to go here, or in Charlotte. And yes,
I admit it in public, I am a Rush fan.

Songs in the key of F12
Wired article about laptop based music creation. Never actually caught a show by someone
doing that. Seems like it would be awfully boring to watch. But then, it cant be much
worse than seeing yet another band stand there and play 10 boring songs.
I like the idea of it, even if the relatively low barrier to entry means it’s that much
harder to figure out the stuff that doesnt suck.

hmm, signed up for a payed lj membership and everything seems to
be drasctically slower now. Awesome.

Went home last night and the music viz videos I had ordered arrived.
Watched them. Woke up this morning with an insane headache. Wonder
if thats related.

Took a hanful of sudafed like they were skittles. Possibly
not a good idea.

fixed four bugs reported over the weekend in three hours, updated translations,
and added some new images to up2date from our new graphics artist.

I seem to have amassed enough gear now to setup a very
small home recording setup. I dont really have anything to
record but I always wanted to try it. So far, I learned alot
just getting stuff setup. All the random commentary
in TapeOp and the like is suddenly begining to make sense.