more gimp hacking…


Just pics up at the moment, as I need to clean the patch up and remove some
of the various bits of half finished hacks that touch the same files.

Basic idea of that patch is to try to combine painting with a brush
and “smudge”‘ing with a brush into one step. Kind of a prototype/proof
of concept thing, as the patch is kind of craptastic and needs
a lot of work, but it seems to more or less do what I was
aiming for.

Most of the brushes used in those sample images are pixmap
brushes pulled out of various paintings (mostly from
Cezanne pieces). Now I need to get brush rotation and
hue rotation working for brushes and it starts to get
useful. And about a hundred other ideas…

For some reason, in the midst of the 4 hour drive last night, I
kept thinking that I wanted to make a road trip. Not sure
to where (though D.C seemed like a good candidate despite
coming from near D.C).

Haven’t gone on a good unplanned road trip in a while.
And driving for ~27 hours straight from Eau Claire doesn’t
exactly count.

Took the broken laptop to the apple store in the pit of hell called southpoint.

Went pretty much exactly the way I expected, except
for costing about 4 times as much.

Back in Raleigh.

To expand the list of christmas gifts:

black & decker workmate 425
14 kurt rambis trading cards (2 signed)
A collection of Eames films on DVD
The start wars triology dvd
a book on art inspired by/based on Rube Goldberg.
a Mustang book.
A fairly large Craftsman socket set.
Various t-shirts from bands I like (unfortunately,
bought early in the year and about a size or two too big…)

And for my birthday:
a creeper/floorjack/jackstand set

and things I got I didn’t want:

a cold
the backlight on the powerbook screen failing to work
about 3 extra pounds from stuffing my face

Not a bad Christmas haul. Up in Virginia at my sisters place so
I missed the Raleigh area snow.

Black & Decker Workmate 550 and a set of Kurt Rambis trading
cards were among the highlights.

Sitting around doing as much of nothing as possible.

Check the folks under “Cosmology”.

Bit of an inside joke…


more gimp hacking… Made a decent start on a feature I’ve
wanted to add for about 5 years now. “font brushes”. The
idea being you can use a vector font, render it to whatever
size you need, and use it as a brush.

boring demo

Next steps are to do the ui bits so you can adjust

After that, the obvious next step is SVG brushes.
That would be very cool.


I did some hacking on gimp last night,
for the first time in years. I just added the ability to sort
color palettes by various metrics to the palette editor. But
I’ve got a couple other ideas in my head.

Since gimp is currently getting close to a 2.2 release, the
patch will probably have to wait. Patch here.