Looks I’m going to the canes game tonight instead of the python users group
meeting about `current`

Probably less fighting at the hockey game anyway.

More cops directing traffic on Western Blvd today.

As usual, plenty of vague hand gestures were observed.
One was basically:
left hand at chest level
palm facing down
move hand approximately 1 foot from chest
straight away keeping palm facing down
pull hand back towards chest, palm still facing down

done while looking off into space, facing traffic

There was another variation of this, that was basicaly
the same, but instead of keeping the palm facing down,
the left hand was doing some sort of beauty pageant

And the third was a cop standing in the middle of the
road, staring into space, hands my his side. Not moving
at all.

Cold. Got enough cold medicine in me that I seem to be able to concentrate, so I’m
getting stuff done today. Nothing like a dose of psuedoephidrine to counter act
a short attention span.

To continue the theme of ancient scripts and whatnot, discovered that
a coworkers relative (great uncle…) was John Chadwick. One of the
folks that helped decipher Linear B. Apparently he was an expert
in early Greek.

Spent another 5 or 6 hours yesterday around the super bowl working on another
large drawing. Probably about 60% done now.

Might go see 90 Day Men at go tomorrow. Their cds are very good, but
they canceled the last time they were supposed to play.

Bleah. Seem to have picked up the second cold of the season. This one seems
to be hitting me harder than the first.

Attempted to hit the thrift stores and arts/crafts stores for lamp bits, but
was unsuccesful. The thrift store had half a dozen broken lamps but
for some reason wanted roughly $10 for them. Pass.

In some of hallucination, I could of sworn that the local craft
stores had lamp parts. But that is apparently not the case. Maybe
it was home depot.

Can’t really concentrate on anythig. Might try to do some drawing
anyway, if I can keep from dipping snot all over the place.

My EFF t-shirt and cap arrived yesterday.


Read Info->News.

I quote:

1.19.03 Today Danny heads for the Bay Area to begin a new recording project with Adrian Belew, (of King Crimson) and Les Claypool (of Primus). I can’t wait to hear this one!

For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to build some lamps recently.
Not exactly sure how, why, or when. Or even what yet. But it keeps bubbling
though my head.