Ugh. Trying to buy tickets for two upcoming shows and am reminded how unfond
of ticketmaster I am. One is more or less a benefit show for
Vietnam Veterans Of America anti landmine campagin
. It’s Bruce Cockburn,
Emmy Lou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Patty Griffin, so I can sort of see
the high ticket prices. The other show is Tool (and Meshugah ..) in Winston-Salem.
They average just over $50 per ticket between the two show. Eeek.

Any one planning on going to the Cockburn/Harris/Carpenter/Griffin show?
Dunno that many people interested in those artists.

In other news, not much is going on. Probably head to Winston-Salem
tomorrow to see a Japan Air show, and probably the Tool show.

Hmm, Captured By Robots at
King’s or
Charlie Hunter
at Cat’s Cradle.

Decisions. Looks like the Charlie Hunter show starts early though, so theres a good chance
I’d miss a good chunk of it by the time I got over there.

Just drove over to Chapel Hill to catch the Legendary
Pink Dots
last night. Very good show. And the opening act was another noise/improv
act that I seem to be seeing a lot of recently. Which I think is good, because it’s slowly
beginning to make me interesting in trying to do that sort of thing. My attempts at that
“style” sound good to my ears, unlike my attempts at more traditional playing.

Oddly enough, it looks like the only upcoming shows at Cat’s Cradle that strike
me as interesting are in the country/folk are. When did I become a country/folk
fan? Either way, Junior Brown is playing
in Nov. Last time I saw him, it was excellent. Also
Mary Chapin Carpenter
, Bruce Cockburn,
and Emmy Lou Harris are playing in
Dec. I’m all over that. Wish it wasn’t an “accoustic” show, but alas.

This journal seems to have taken a turn towards “bands aklikins has seen” recently.
Guess thats better than filling it with completely boring discussions about some
inane part of up2date or rpm.


Lovely day isn’t it?

Apparently they just shut down part of Avent Ferry between
varsity and gorman because of flash floods.

our main database is acting super flaky.

I’ve got about 6 hour of sleep in the last two days.

At least my “2 day ship” cd’s finally showed up
after 9 days. And I can watch the fascinating
water flows and erosion out the window while
waiting for the db to start working.

Bellini canceled their shows at Go! and at ps211. Apparently the drummer quit
on tuesday. Found this out about 30 minutes before the show.

Skipped it and went to the Alliance for Improvised Music
show instead. The performer was Gunda Gottschalk. Very cool. About the strangest
sounds I’ve ever heard out of a pure acoustic violin before. badger ‘s
review of the show here
sums it up.

Finally got the up2date and rhn_register errata for 6.2-7.3 out. So at least
now the code bases for the 6.2-7.3 and 8.0 are fairly similar. Or at least
as similar as you can be when basically every lib you used changed
in substantial non-api compatible ways.

Hmm, go see Bellini at Go! Studio’s tonight with Ladderback, or
go see them tomorrow with All Astronauts at ps211.

Bellini is the drummer from Don Caballero, and some
folks from Uzeda, whoever that is.

Hmm, decisions.