I hate revision control systems or source code management systems or whatever you want to call them. New, old, centralized, distributed, whatever. They all suck. They seem to serve no purpose other than to make things more difficult. They like to tease you with the idea that it will save you time and effort. They lie. They like to be just different enough from each other that you can easily issue a command from one on another and it will let you. Perhaps remove a file, or commit a random change, or make a branch for no reason. Maybe all of the above.

They must be destroyed.

Some Processing work

Some tests of using processing.

Processing is sort of a high level graphics language that compiles into java applets.

Note: These links all contain java applets, and have been known to crash a browser or two.

Processing seems nice. It’s very high level, with a C/java style syntax. Theres a simple bare bones IDE included. I like how it calls source files “sketches”. Kind of a nice semantic touch. It’s also open source.

See processing work at

“fender” bender

Well today kind of sucked in a few different ways.

One mildly noteable way was that I was in a very minor fender bender on the motorcycle. I was sitting at a stop light (the end of the offramp from inner 440 to Lake Boone Trail) and the guy behind me “didn’t see me” and started to move into the lane. Unfortunately, I was sitting in line in front of him. No injuries, didn’t even come off the bike. But it broke the taillight and bent up the license plate mount pretty bad. It may have damaged the tire, but I couldn’t spot any other damage.

I was just starting to accelerate away from the light. Not even sure if I was moving yet. I initially thought something had broken on the bike, like a chain coming off or something, since there was a noise and a jolt. Bit surprised to look down and see a car frontend wedged between the tire and the seat.