Didn’t do much over the weekend. Went to the Wake County Public Library
book sale. Picked up 18 books for $20. Can’t complain about that.

Grabbed a copy of James Randi’s “Flim Flam”,
The Choking Dobermanb,
a copy of the The Straight Dope book,
the 2000 Census Bureau Statistical Abstract of the United States,
random engineering drawing books,
Cliff Stoll’s “Cuckoo’s Egg”,
and other random bits.

The amount of books about alien abduction and other crackpot madness
in the “non-fiction” category was kind of annoying though.

In the “learn something new every day” category:
“/” is called a “solidus”

“cd solidus ‘usr’ solidus ‘lib’ solids ‘rpm’…”

Hmm, not quite the same ring to it.