Saturday, decided to pick up some c++ books, since I’ve been
poking at a c++ soft synth thingy. So I did.

Made a little progress hacking on it, added a new waveform
to the oscillator object, thats about it. My DSP skills are
pretty weak, so…

Sunday headed over to badgers. Played for a little over
two hours. Two (or was it three?) long pieces. First
started off both on stick, kind of melodic, morphed
into a huge wall of modulating delay loops I love
so much, then eventually morphed into a warbly bird
chirp meltdown.

After playing, headed over to Go to see Don
Cabellero. Continent, a Raleigh band, opened
up and did an excellent job. Kind of sludgy
math metal/rock.

Don Cabellero was very cool. The lineup was
a bit odd, as the only original member (or for
that matter, the only member that appeared on
any of the albums was the drummer, Damon Che).

However, it is more or less a band built around
his drumming. There set was a bit short (about an hour)
because he was sick. For a guy that looked like he
was about to fall over dead between everysong, he
played the crap out of the drums. Don Cab songs
are _very_ drum heavy (not to mention plenty of
stops/starts, odd times, polyrhythms and general
weirdness) so this was an impressive feat.

Excellent show.

After the show, dropped by badger‘s place. Had two people
comment very positively about the online doodle gallery almost as soon as I
arrived, which was quite pleasant to hear. I appreciate it.

Aside from that, much music and computer and computer music

Got back into town just in time to go to the art open house (arrived from
D.C into raleigh about 20 minutes before it started).

Wasn’t sure what to expect. There was a much larger turn out than I
expected by a factor of 5 or so.

However, aside from a few employees, there weren’t any people
there that I actually knew. I don’t exactly know the raleigh
area art scenesters I suppose.

I didn’t exactly hover around my stuff, but from what I could
from the occasional pass by, it didn’t really seem to catch
anyones interest. Oh well.

Spent the last 2 1/2 days at Pycon,
a conference for users and developers of the python programming language.
I feel much dumber now.

Red Hat Art Opening House

Tonight: 7-9pm at Raleigh’s Red Hat office
1801 Varsity Drive
Raleigh, NC

Some of my doodles will
be on display, among artwork by another dozen or so artists.

If your in the area, drop by. My stuff is on the 3rd, engineering side,
near the elevators.

It’s open to anyone, so come on by.