I like listening to music. I like talking about music. I like playing music.

I tend to go to a lot of shows, mostly rock or improvised music, or the occasional bluegrass/metal/jazz/etc show.

The music I tend to play tends to lean towards the beatless, noisy, sonic end of the spectrum. I tend to think of it as just weird instrumental music. I also tend to play mostly improvised music.

I play guitar and Chapman Stick, both generally heavily processed with a wide assortment of sound transmogrifying gear. Sometimes I
play the gear as much as I do the instruments. At recent shows, I’ve also played fretless guitar, a usb game controlling Reaktor, and triggered a collection of Atari 2600 samples from a guitar synth. Just to give you an idea.

Recently I’ve played with Phasmatodea, Fukadulagon, MetaArchLight. I’m always looking for opportunities to play shows in this or similar veins. Or possibly something completely unrelated. If your interested, just drop me an email.

One thought on “music

  1. Hi Adrian,

    I’m a piano player from Canada and had been planning to use the name ‘Automatic Caution Door’ for a band name of a project that I’m working on. I noticed that you own the
    dotcom domain and have it till 2010. Just curious if you’re planning on using it for anything and if you’d sell it (how much if so?).


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