Worked most of the day, got some stuff done.

Went to Kings to see Baamph/Replicator/Ladderback. Baamph
went first so I missed the start of there set. Replicator was
pretty good. Kind of mid tempo mathy stuff with the occasional
sample/synth/weird guitar sound thrown in to mix up the
sonics a bit. Picked up a copy of their cd.

Ladderback was pretty good. Heavy and mathy. The
descriptions I’ve read in various local weeklies and the
like seem to have been off base. A couple of them
used the term “jazzy”. Apparently anything with a
interval less than a third in it is “jazzy” to some people.

Talked to the organizer of last nights electronics/etc
show a bit. He seems to have some good ideas for
future shows, hope he can pull them off.

Went by the Lulu Tech Circus Saturday. More or less what I expected. I think the
concept has potential, but I think it needs to perhaps attempt to reach a bit
more of a (for lack of a better word…) “underground” audience. Ie, seeing
demos of maya, and new FPS games, and lego mindstorms are cool, but
I think seeing something more akin to dorkbot
or srl or resfest
or the norcal noisefest would
be generally more interesting. There also seemed to be something of a lack
of cross-interests things. Something like panel discussions on “the future of
music” or “anti censorship ideas” or “reverse engineering issues” or whatever
that involved people from different areas. Not to mention just more fringe
“geek” groups (radio hams? model rocket geeks? guys that build jet engines
at home?
people that
cast their own tools?
ball sculptures?
). But I digress.

Then somehow I ended up eating at Crazy Fire, and then going bowling. Didn’t do too
bad. Think the first game was 140 something and the second was about 160. Dont remember
exactly. Probably less than that. I have two shots when I bowl, one is pretty much
exactly what you want (hit between the 1 and 3 at a slight angle) and the other is
“straight down the alley about 4 inches from the gutter”. They seem to appear
randomly during my game.

Then off to the feathernet gallery in an attempt to catch badger and some
folks from BAAMPH! play. But I missed
there set, but did manage to catch the last two acts, both of which were quite cool.
And definitely not the kinds of acts that are easy to see around here (or anywhere?)
very often. That show is also a good example of more of the time of stuff I’d like to
see at the Tech Circus. Discussed an idea for a twist on the typical “sitting
motionless twiddling knobs” aspect of some electronic[a?] shows.

Been contemplating a subscription to
$9 a year for unlimited access to a pretty decent inventory of music (as 128kb mp3’s).
Mostly out of press releases.

Anyone currently using this? One of my coworkers signed up a few weeks agi
and seems very happy with it. Any opinions?

Higher bitrate mp3s or oggs would be better, but there is a ton of music on
there that is hard to find.

Spent the weekend in Winston Salem. Saw Maseratti/All Astronauts play
at Then a party
at D & M’s place. Then caught snapcase at Lincoln Theatre
last night.

Maserratti were pretty good. About equal parts shoegaze,
math rock, and post-rock. Seemed to be pretty cool
guys as well.

All Astronauts were very good, though they tended to
blather on a bit long between songs (but then, they
are pretty close to the ps211 house band and had
mostly friends there). Fred (the drummer, formerly
of ) is insane and really makes the band. Chuckle.
Pic of fred (and stacy from Squatweiler) here

Snapcase was mediocre. It’s hard for metal/hardcore bands
to impress me much anymore. They also seem to have lost
a lot of rawness and intensity since I last saw them probabaly
5 years ago. Lincoln Theatre looks to be a pretty nice venue