car babblings

As I was driving back from my nephews birthday party, my car trip 100,000 miles. And it is beginning to show. So I want a new car.

I know what I do not want. I do not want an SUV. Aside from that, I’m still a little unsure. I kind of sway between something excessive (like say, a Hemi Magnum or a new Mustang) and something like a fuel efficient Civic or thereabouts.

If I went fuel efficient, I think I’d lean towards a conventional setup instead of a hybrid. The cost and complexity of a hybrid and the small problem of replacing/disposing of a huge battery pack tends to make me doubt them at this point. I say that based on no real evidence.

I generally lean towards cars sold by American car companies for no particular rational reason, but I’m not stuck with that.

I’m also cheap. But I wouldn’t mind something sporty as well. I’d want something with gps navigation. Probably automatic unless I go with something sporty (I’ve owned and driven my fair share of standard transmission cars, and have no particular fondness for them). All wheel drive would be cool.

And whats the deal with the weight of cars these days? sedans upwards of 4000 pounds seems common. It’s like it’s the freaking 60’s again.


Uneventful weekend. Read some stuff. Got some new motorcycle pants and jacket, and gave them a test run in the rain. Went out to play soccer to discover we apparently weren’t playing this week.

wasabi and soy sauce

Other random idea: I would buy premixed wasabi and soy sauce (aka, wasabi-joyu) if they sold it.

Why? Because I like to pour the soy sauce onto sushi rolls, and it would be convenient if I could easily poor wasabi/soy sauce mix that way. Someone should make that.