Code that mysteriously breaks over night always confuses me. You know
_something_ changed, but it’s not obvious what. Spent the first bit
of the day pondering over why a util started failing differently since about
midnight last night. Oh well, it was broken either way, all fixed now, but…

Probably going to head out to Kings tonight to catch the ENON show.
John Ray recommends them and let be borrow there new cd which
is pretty cool.

Then maybe back again Saturday to catch Renelvis/Baamph/Last
of the Juanitas. But then, Eugene Chadborne is playing ps211 on
saturday, and Last of The Juanitas will be as ps211 on tuesday with
All Astronauts.

In the process of waiting for DNS to propagate so that
shows up at it’s new server.

Oh, and a weird bit I stumbled across while browsing
. Check the logo at
and the last paragraph here.

grumble porting grumble

lets see…
python1.5 -> 2.2 (source, nor binary compatible)
httplib (changed drastically)
xmlrpclib( ditto, partly based on the above)

rpm-python (utterly different api)
gnome2/gtk2 (different api)
pygtk/pygnome2 (a different api to get to the different gnome2 api)

the httplib changes broke our changes to add https and proxy
support. The new xmlrpclib then of course, doesnt support
https/proxies, so we get to wrap it to add it again.


Picked up a couple books at Readers Corner. A Giger book
called “” of all things. A couple random
art books, etc. The odd thing is that two of the books
include a reference to the “I’m overfilling your cup of tea
to demonstrate that you need to unlearn to learn more”
metaphor. The fact that both books are essentially
about creativity, and both reference an old parable
about forgetting old knowledge to learn new struck
me as mildly ironic.

Was watching the ESPN post game show after the Hurricanes
game. While commenting on how some player was extremely
important to one of the hockey teams, the commentator made
the comment “like Thurston Moore to Sonic Youth…”. Weird.

Picked up a couple new cds. A copy of Don Cab’s “For Respect”
on cd (the cassette disappeared ages ago…). An old Trans Am
and a Leo Kottke while I was at it.

Anyone recommend a good place for web hosting small sites? Preferably with
shell access to linux boxes, python support, and cheap?

a “simple” script is now approaching 1200 lines of python…

Finally stopped by intrex and got the parts I need to
get my machine going again. new cheap mb, 1.1ghz
celeron, and 512meg ram just for kicks.

Now if only wilber (aka,,,, etc) would
get it’s replacement drive installed. It’s been
down a drive for almost two weeks now.

Went down to Artsplosure 2002 yesterday to catch the Bill Bruford/Earthworks set. It
was pretty cool. It was all Earthworks originals of course (except for the encore, which
I believe was “bezzlebub” from the first Bruford album with the original Holdsworth lines
played on bass clarinet). The pieces were a bit more rhythmic than I expected. Of
course, considering the band leader is one of my favorite drummers was a bit
of a weird expectation on my part.

Currently neck deep in glade. For a tool designed to make it easy to design
user interfaces, it’s user interface is pretty horrid. My kingdom for a undo key…