sooperlooper. Linux based software looper. Interesting.

I’ve been avoiding anything music related on the computer for a while. I suspect this might
break that. I least till I get frustrated with it.

“you dont have to be a rocket surgeon to screw yourself in the foot”

Interesting day.

Note: All of kde+2.4 kernels+XFree4 == BIG.
RHN probabaly hit our all time high bandwidth useage today,
and even had to start temporarily turning away free users for
a bit.

Hung out with the Japan Air
guys a bit at Kitchen Mastering.
They were getting a cd mastered there, kind of interesting to watch the process.

Got some bug reports at least. The bugzilla entries for up2date were getting
kind of stale recently. I’m never sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

title seems to be the quote of the day. I love mixing cliches/metaphors.
It sends a shiver down my heart.


The Golden show was
surprisingly good. I wasnt sure what to expect not having ever heard them, or even
read a decent review of them. Interesting two guitar work, lots of circular off-kilter
polyrhythmns with the occasional heavy unison riff thrown in. Very Nice.

The opening band The Dynamite Brothers
were pretty cool as well. Kind of an uptempo blues rock verging on rockabilly at times. But
alot more interesting than that sounds.

I heard rumours that there are some rumours about a news report about another
news report about some rumours.

Discovered Nice Price Books in Carboro has an excellent used cd selection. Pick
up some “weird heavy shit” (to paraphase a friend…) like Scorn:Vae Solis and
M.J.Harris and Bill Laswell: Somnific Flux.
The former sounds like the more ambient Godflesh material. The latter sounds like the former
put through a reverse reverb. Weird.

Things you find when you attempt to clean up

Stumbled across a box containing various old
“promotional” material for a band I played with my
freshmen year of college. ie, a long time ago. Ah,

But since I’ve noticed that lots of people on LJ seem to
know various people I knew or people who knew people
who I knew at the time, I figured the list of “thanks yous”
from the cassette of said band might be interesting.

The list can be found here

To be honest, I didnt know 98% of the people listed at
the time, and remember any less now, but perhaps other
people do. Let me know if you see any names you
recongize. Always kind of fascinated by who knows who.

I-Cube X

I want one. I dont know what for, but I want one.

Heres an small, but odd coincidence. I was browsing in a local music
store the other day, and just happened to overhear a conversation
about some bluegrass one man band. The people discussing it did
it in enough detail that I’m sure it’s
Royer’s One Man Band
. The link for which I just kind of randomly stumbled
across today.

new music

Based on
Moonfl0wers discussion about favorite songs, I was wondering
“what else is out there?”. I’m always looking for interesting
new music to listen to, but can’t keep up with everything.
In particular, I dont know much of anything about electronica.

So, based on the my list. Tell me what you think I should be listening to. I’m
relatively well versed in prog rock, punk, metal, and fusion.
But always looking for something new. cdnow’s suggestions ran
out of useful ideas a long time ago, so here we go ;->

Picked up the Baamph! cd last night. Which made me
realize I’ve had the Japan Air demo for
over a week now and haven’t listed to it (aside from
skimming though it with the band standing over my shoulder going “what do you think? huh? huh?”. Hardly
the best way to absorb a cd ;->). Looks like they
are going to have a couple of songs produced by Phil from Trans Am. Very cool.

Found a fun new use/abuse of ebay. If you look at a
users feedback, you can also see what all items they
have bought. Almost as good as Deja News. Yay for lack of privacy!

no surprise

bored, so I took the online meyers/brigg/jung/whatever
personality test.

I’m a INTP. Nothing new there, same result I’ve gotten
every time I take it. I have to wonder if I’m not
subconsciously gaming the test after the first time.

“A major concern for INTPs is the haunting sense of impending failure. They spend considerable time second-guessing themselves.”

I guess that explains how I earned the nickname “Dr. Doom” at work. Chuckle.