Hmm, busy day. Got automated test cases running in a handful of chroots all over
my laptop.

vmstat 1 output like:

  procs                      memory    swap          io     system         cpu
 r  b  w   swpd   free   buff  cache  si  so    bi    bo   in    cs  us  sy  id
 1  1  1 165976   3056  22684  91724   0 1704  3596  2212  725 15130  35  32  32
 0  1  2 165976   2924  22696  91840   0 2116   136 14432  634  5114   5   5  90
 0  1  2 166032   2644  22700  92120   0 704     4  2480  637  5027   4   5  91
 0  1  2 166032   2252  22700  92504   0   0   128     0  416  4146   5   0  95
 0  1  2 165356   2516  22704  92912   0  68   132    68  533  4399   4   1  95
 3  1  0 159952   7128  22712  93688   0 1756   264  1888  733  4269   6  10  84

means my ide laptop is struggling a bit today.

New kernel errata today. Thats always fun on the bandwidth.

Probabaly going to head over to Kings to catch the John Vanderslice show
tonight. John Ray says it will be a good show, and he seems to have pretty
good taste. Anyone else planning on going?

it’s monday again

hmm, did a whole bunch of nothing over the weekend. Aside from leaving
my car door open just enough to have a dead battery this morning. For
some reason i’ve never had much luck with car batteries.

Todays random links:

Symbols used on old maps. Got to love the military section. Annotation on what the
proper symbols to be used on maps for “Area to be gassed” and “gassed area to be avoided”.

A “collective” of folks who build weird ass effects pedals and other noisemakers, half
tempted to try building one myself (they provide schematics, assembly instructions, and
inexpensize kits of parts). Sounds like fun.

For those keeping track at home:
Major work fuckups by Adrian: +1

aiee. Looks like we might be able to sanely rescue it though, but

Grabbed some sushi from sushi tsune for dinner. Not bad, since
it’s sorta on the way home and open late, might be dropping by
more often.

I wonder how much quiet classical music drifting from nearby cubes one can
stand before going nuts. I shall soon find out. In the mean time, there will
be a lot of headphone wearing going on.

Listening to the first Tin Machine album at the moment. I had forgotten
how good this album was. Odd that Tin Machine was basically
a huge flop.

Third day in a row that I’ve had a headache at work. I would tend
to blame it on the new building, but I seem to be getting them before
getting to work.

Oddly seem to be having a high rate of success communicating with
a notoriusly “out of phase” coworker. I’m not sure if thats the cause of
the headaches or a sympton. /me waves hands around arbitrarily to
illustrate insanely complex ideas.

is it friday yet?

First day in the new office. Still kind of adjusting. It’s kind of weird so far. It’s
noisy, and the floor shakes when people walk buy. Lighting seems a bit
odd as well. Started the day off with a headache before I even got to
work, so perhaps I’m exageratting.

Lots of driving this weekend, especially since I havent gotten my tires
fixed yet. Up to Asheville and back. Caught another Lake Trout/Japan
Air show, then hung out in winston salem for a while. Ate way too
much sushi.

The driving music was:


      Meshuggah: Contradictions Collapse/None
      Godspeed You Black Emperor!: f#a#xxx


      King Crimson: Larks Tongue in Aspic
      Mary Chapin Carpenter: time sex love

Godspeed in particular seems to be excellent “driving in the
mountains” music.

Looks like Japan Air is going to open for Trans Am at a show
at ps211/”the wherehouse” in winston-salem in April. Cool.

My brain hurts.

bleah. Two failed attempts at getting my oil changed and tires
fixed so far. Lets try again tomorow.

My new glasses are fucked up I belive. Everything is very sharp
looking dead ahead, but looking even slightly offcenter things
start to lose sharpness. I’m not sure if this is typically of the smaller
lenses, or if they are just screwed up. Am I supposed to be able
to notice things get slightly blurry as I look to the side
(even 10 degrees of so are enough to notice if I’m looking at text)?

Ordered a cell phone. My luck it will take 6 weeks to arrive,
and then be set up for alaska. Bleah.

Looks like someone has hacked plug-in tool support into
the devel branch of The Gimp. Perhaps I should now attempt
to write some of the weird paint tools I have ideas for.

My attempts to find electronica I like are so far pretty
unsuccesful. DJ Shadow is about it so far…

More last minute feature requests that “we just have
to have!” despite there being no mention of them _ever_

monday mumblings

The ziggy’s Japan Air/Lake Trout show was excellent.

Wandered up to ashevile on sunday with the Japan Air
guys to poster for Fridays show. Very odd, as I have only
been in Asheville once since I lived there for while when
I was about 7. Very strange what things you do and do
not remember, and how you brain associates them.

Discovered I just missed an Adrian Belew show in
Asheville. Doh. Though I did learn that
Nanci Griffith
is playing in March, and then in May in
Lenoir. Interesting. I would like to see that show, if
I can find anyone that wants to go. Looks like
Bill Frisell is playing in April as well.

Made a list of the stuff I’d like to accomplish this week.
Lots of stuff I’ve been putting off for weaks/months/years.
(cell phone, hair cut, new glasses, oil change, etc…)
Most of the list seems to start with a variant of “Buy a ….”

Went and got new glasses this morning. I seem to be able
to see now. Thats a plus. Actualy went and bought some
shoes while I was waiting.

Random friends band plug:
Madeline Ferguson
A emo/metal/punk/*core band led by the guy that introduced
me to Black Flag and Rush.

Would anyone tell me if I were getting stupider?

Ever get the feeling other people think you are a lot smarter
than you actually are? Or for that matter, _know_ that
they think you are a lot smarter than you actually are.

I seem to be finding myself in that boat alot recently. Very
odd, and unnerving. Especially when you are constantly
surrounded by people that are _way_ smarter than yourself. I
need to find a good “get-smart-quick” plan.

Sooner or later my cover will be blown and my true
dumb guy persona will be exposed.

python conference was fun. Python, the language that is, not the
snake. Snakes are icky.

Much to my surprrise I learned that the object system for python 2.2
is almost completely new. “old style” and “new style” classes live
in parallel. The good thing is that new style classes/objects look
way more powerful with only small syntax canges. Also good is
that built in types (ints/floats/strings/etc) are also now “new style”
classses and can be subclassed, etc. Also learned that scary
python people are just as scary as scary linux people.

Looks like Japan Air
got a decent blurb in the
Winston-Salem Journal
. Cool.

The Lake Trout/Japan Air show at the Attic was pretty cool. I got
to play merch booth babe for a while. The beard really says “buy
this cd”. The drive back from greenville at 3am was a bit rough.
I’m pretty sure we drove though Wilson five or six times.

Had a hippy who was selling some sort of handmade arts/craft
crap tell me “nah, you guys suck” when I jokingly offered to
trade a cd for whatever worthless cruft they were selling.

Next show is at Ziggy’s in winston-salem, so that should be fun.

Work is going about average. Kind of in a hurry up and wait. Heading
up to a python conference on Thursday. Might be interesting, havent
been to any sort of expo/conference in a while.