summary of the results from the last post…

  1. keynav mostly works, except when it doesnt, mostly in
    3rd party apps

  2. ctrl+click on Applications dragged to dock is workable
    but Quicksilver and Launchbar are
    both freaking cool and should be copied by gnome/kde immediately.
    (Or for that matter, apple…)

In other osx news, had the first case of “reboot it and it starts working”.
(in this case, the cisco vpn client failing to use the
right DNS. Or as a friend put it, “dunno, sometimes the DNS
gets stupid until you reboot”). I suspect there is a less
evasive way, but I don’t know it yet.

random osx questions I can’t find a good answer to so far…

How do I make the keyboard navigation better?
I enabled the extra special keyboard navigation stuff under
the accessibility dialog, but it still seems really bad. The
most common case seems to be when closing an app, and you get
one of the variations of “save file? cancel? dont save?”. By
default, these all seem to pick “save”, and there doesnt seem
to be anyway with keynav to select one of the other options.
“tab” doesnt work, arrow keys dont work, space doesnt do anything.
The Native Instrument apps seem bad about this, so it might be
an app level thing.

I need a app menu. Please.

I would love a configurable “windows start/gnome foot” etc
style menu on the dock. A simple way to launch an app seems
to be something that apple ignored. Apparently, they expect
you to put everything you use on the dock (already too big)
and go diving though the file manager to launch anything else.
Very aggravating.