show summary

The show Friday seemed to go pretty well. badger has a
good a good
write up
. Even a link to a couple of pics.

Started off a bit shaky, but picked up steam. Started off a bit
sonic and textural. Next couple pieces were more melodic and
rhythmic (at least, for us ;->). Ended with a nice piece
that started off kind of drony, went kind of mathy and
angular for a bit, then ended in a nice pretty drone.

I was in the mood for some reverse delay, so used that
a few times, especially on the second to last piece
that was fairly melodic. Also abused the x911 (
analog monophonic guitar synth…) a lot.

I was using the laptop to record, but alas, yet
again, it failed to work. So far I’m 0-4 on recording
live shows with the laptop. I’m looking for something
better than cubase se to use. But more on that later.

Phasmatodea is playing tonight Friday (Feb 4th)
at Glitter Gallery in Raleigh, NC. Glitter Gallery is located upstairs from
Father And Sons in downtown Raleigh. It will be First Friday, so come out,
stare at us making weird music, then wander around starting at art. Music
is supposed to start 9pm ish.

While were doing musical meme’s, heres the
“first 15 random songs” one…

“Exhibit 13” by Blue Man Group from The Complex
“You Will Be Shot” by Naked City from Naked City Live
“Freedom of Speech” by Liquid Tension Experiment from Liquid Tension Experiment
“Mission” by Rush from A Show Of Hands
“Backward” by Quicksand from Manic Compression
“Poison Fingers” by Into Another from Ignaurus
“Copy Cat Dub” by King Tubby Meets Lee Perry from Megawatt Dub
“Valley of the Kings” by Karp from Mustaches Wild
“Weekend Sex Change” by The Dillinger Escape Plan from Calculating Infinity
“Melody of Certain Three” by Blonde Redhead from Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
“Issic” by Adam’s Castle from Adam’s Castle
“This Heart” by Nanci Griffith from Flyer
“The Loops – A1 – Ben Sims” by Richie Hawtin from decks, efx, & 909
“Give Me The Cure” by Fugazi from 13 songs
“Can’t help but wonder where I’m bound” by Nanci Griffith from Others Voices, Other Rooms

I’m a music dork, so of course, I had to try this. Via idontreadlj
(the only thing in my iTunes is a dozen or so Phasmatodea things, so kind
of boring… So this if off my iRiver+rhythmbox)

Totals: 4099 songs, 13 days, 8 hours and 48 minutes, 21.0 GB

Sort By Song Title:
first: “…” by The Prids on “Love Zero”
last: “Zurna Tasks#m” by Ruins on “hyderomastgroningem”

Sort by Time:
shortest: “Doi” by Babe The Blue Ox on “Color Me Babe”
(ignoring lots of empty untitles spacer tracks I should clean out…)
longest: “Gondwana” by Miles Davis on “Pangea”

Sort By Album:
first: “And The Same” by Fugazi on “13 Songs”
last: “what good are you…to me” by Utah! on “Zoo Sounds and Destructovision”

Most played: I’ve got no stats on this…

find “sex”: 22 songs
find “death”: 21 songs
find “love”: 167 songs
(rb seems to search artist/title/album so that might be throwing those numbers off)

Now I just need to finish ripping the rest of the collection…