went and saw the new Lord Of the Rings movie last night.

Shrug. Was a lot like the first one, but even more boring.
The soudtrack/score was still appalling bad and distracting.

Basically 3 hours of variations on “oh no, he’s dead. wait, not
dead yet…” and “the ring is making me do bad things. Yeah, that
sucks.” crossed with a travel ad for New Zealand.

The stupid skateboarding and dwarf tossing references were
well, stupid. And pretty much any time they showed the
dwarf it was poor attempt at comedic relief.

It seemed like every battle/fight seen had a section where
characters stood around and casually talked to each other for
five or ten minutes while the rest of the battle must of been
taking a smoke break.

The scenes with the two pointless hobbits riding on the tree
from H.R. Puffinstuff screemed “look, bluescreen effect!” to
the point of being distracting.

I’ve still havent figured out exactly why or how the big climatic
battle seen ended. It was just kind of suddenly over.

doodle on paper, scanned in, offset x/2,y/2 in gimp, printed out, drawn
on some more, rescanned in, and edited slightly.

This version tiles seamlessly. See here to see it tiled.

Red Hat Art opening

btw, Johnray has organized an opening for the various art currently
gracing the walls and halls of the Red Hat headquarters on Centiential

Afaik, the opening is free and open to the public. It’s tomorow
night 6 to 9 pm.

Artists/showings include:

From the NC State Gallery of Art and Design:
The Neugents by David M. Spear
Culture Revealed, Masks by Eddie Singletary
Overshor Coverlets
Japanese Woodblock Prints
Photographs by Brian Shawcroft

From Bickett Gallery:
Thomas Theilmann
Jill Built
Wendy Laurin
Ashlynn Browning
Heidi Trepanier

Local Artists:
Luke Miller Buchanan
Bobby Logic
Casey Porn
Bart Tomlin
Ana Vizscara

Come out and view interesting art amongst the worlds finest open
source cube farm.

location info here

So heres a question, which is cheaper, two cops per stop light for about 12 hours a day,
or a small generator for each stop light.

But of course, I have a long standing grudge against cops (or anyone probably) directing
traffic badly. Since it seems like they do this on Western Blvd. a lot. And always do it
poorly. Sometimes I wish I had a dv camera so I could video tape them with a tight
shot (ie, devoid of the context provided by seeing what other cars are doing) to
demonstrate the complete meaningless hand gestures they use. Not to mention
the tendency to stare off into space, random whistle blowing, and bizarre choices
of places to stand.

I’d pay a dollar to set Edward Tufte or maybe Umberto Eco off on them for a couple