The time-warner DVR is painfully bad, and attempts at recording the olympics makes this even more obvious.

Various highlights:

– not recording anything for three days? The fix: hit the soft power on/off to “power cycle” it. Awesome.

– Deleting a recorded show _while_ I was watching it. 85% of the way done and black screen, go to the the “list” and the shows are gone. Awesome.

– There is no real way to prioritize season passes. The latest stuff is always higher priority. You have to delete a a show and readd it to the list to make it a higher priority. Awesome.

– If I’m watching something “live” (say, the olympics) I should be able to pause/rewind. Thats what DVR’s do. But no, this only sometimes works.

– It crashes alot. Weekly at least, sometimes more.

– The UI. Aiiiieee.

Anyone using a HD Tivo with time-warner? Any particular hassles I liked my old non-hd tivo’s alot.

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  1. I’m a Series 1 TiVo veteran. I used Series 2 with DirecTV, but we’re just using rabbit ears with digital over-the-air programming at this point. I’m building a HTPC, playing with Vista Media Center or MythTV at this point.

    I considered (and still am thinking about) upgrading to the HD TiVo. $400 to tranfer our lifetime account on our old machine is kind of a deterrent though.

  2. I totally agree with the Time Warner DVR comments. Before I moved I was a Comcast customer and their DVR system makes Time Warner’s look like a telegraph does to a super computer. I am not sure why Time Warner’s system overall is just terrible.

    I have also had the same problems you mentioned where you pause live TV and if the show goes past program time on that channel it simply skips to live tv..

    With my old Comcast DVR unit I simply used the second tuner to queue up a show I wanted to watch instead of recording it (as it would queue 2 hours) while I watched a live show on the first tuner, I would then simply swap tuners and rewind what was queued on the second tuner. I attempted that with my current Time Warner DVR and it showed the past 2 hours were queued but I could only rewind as far the beginning of the current live show.

    I think it is time to build a FedoraMyth box!

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