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I wonder if there is any correlation between folks who are fontophiles and “neat” handwriting?  Aka, are people who are hyperaware of typography more or less likely to have “neat” handwriting? If I was in 8th grade, that would be my science project.

I would like to see a compilation of what people consider the best hiding spots in their homes. Maybe a 3d heatmap to visualize it. It would be an interesting set of data to see. The implications of collecting the data would be tough though. Might as well ask people what their secrets are, or what they use for passwords?

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. Dude… I have a freakin hidden closest in the house I just bought. You have to lift a section of wood panelling out to find it.

    Even better its right next to the indoor sauna, so if for some reason you were doing a 3d heat scan from outside, you’d easily confuse any sort of heat or uv lamp in the hidden space as part of the sauna.

    Now why on earth you’d have uv or heat lamps in a tall, narrow, long hidden closet..whose heat signature is masked by a sauna room is absolutely beyond me.

    Which reminds me, I need to vacuum out the potting soil out of that closet. Weird previous owners, keeping bags of potting soil in a hidden closet…that’s just silly.


  2. I have terrible awful handwriting but I can’t stand poorly rendered fonts on Linux or Mac OS X. And I don’t care how much the OS X fanbois tell me that their font rendering is “technically” correct, it looks like shit on an LCD and the only reason I have come to sort of tolerate it is because I have no other choice. At least on Linux fontconfig provides enough knobs that you can get the fonts looking nice.

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