helicopter flight/lesson

me in a helicopter

A couple weeks ago we took a helicopter demo flight and lesson from North Carolina Rotor and Wing. It was a short and to the point classroom lesson, and then a ~30 min flight in a Robinson R22 helicopter.

The helicopter itself is tiny. Two passengers, shoulder to shoulder. A small piston engine. Less than a 1000 lbs sans passengers.

Flying a helicopter is an interesting experience. There are alot of things going on to keep track of, and the controls are sensitive,but with a bit of delay to control input.

This was a gift from Gina since I had often remarked I had never been in a helicopter. Although I have flown in a glider, a single engine kit plane, a zeppelin, and a hot air balloon. Any one know where one could take a gyrocopter flight?

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  1. Helicopters are awesome, the tech involved in the rotor hub is outstanding!
    Leave out the gyrocopter and try some free flight with a paraglider, trust me ;)

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