ring ring, fedoraphone!

I managed to get one of my machines installed with a os version I didn’t want, and no way to change it. Normally, this means it’s time to koan/cobbler to get it re-provisioned. But I couldn’t log into the machine to do anything. I could of reinstalled it from a cd/dvd, but I hate burning cd/dvd’s for that. I could of written an image to usb key and installed from that, but I didn’t have any with me.

So I decided to try what Mark Cox; did and try to boot it from my phone. I more or less just followed the steps he mentioned, though I had to get some 3rd party software to expose the storage card as a usb device.

But that aside, it worked. Not the fastest way to boot, but it got the live image running so I could do a hard drive install.  Kind of cool. Wonder if there is anyway to support i386/x86_64 live images on the same card?

3 thoughts on “ring ring, fedoraphone!

  1. Most of the basic bits to have multiple live images on a single medium are in rawhide now, but it’s a bit of by-hand magic still to make it happen. I should finish that up at some point.

  2. This is why I miss the Cobbler Live CD (that simulates PXE to a cobbler server without needing DHCP control)

    Darn that grubby bug that broke it.

    Perhaps it is worth a workaround.

    • Yup, thought about that too, but didn’t have one (or a cobbler server setup, for that matter).

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