Frank Vignola: Slayer In the GrassHow to make gypsy blue grass better? Add Slayer.
Average White Band. What do all funk bands need? More scottish guys in kilts.
Talking Heads Born Under Punches, live in 1980. Someone has uploaded the whole concert. It’s pretty freaking awesome.
Ornette Coleman line 1979
David Bowie – Stay live 1978 (featuring Adrian Belew)

nucleus – jam on it
Shannon – Let The Music Play
George Clinton – Atomic Dogg
Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue

Return To Forever – Battle Of the Jester And The Tryant
Al Di Meola – Egyption Danza/Race With Devil On Spanish Highway
Mahivishnu Orchestra – Dance Of The Maya

Jawbox – Manatee Bound live 1989