daw/sound editor question

I’m looking for suggestions from a DAW to use for recording
Phasmatodea shows/practice and other stuff. This will
be for a osx laptop.

I’m currently using Cubase SE. It seems to work fine
most of the time (I record most practices with it).
But it’s crashed or otherwise bugged out on me while
trying to record live stuff 4 times now. So it’s on
the chopping block.

One of the annoying things about Cubase aside from
above, is that it doesn’t support AU’s. Logic
looks interesting, but doesn’t support VST’s. I’ve
read some reports that Logic 7 is not that stable
as well.

I mostly just need simple recording and editing
support. The Phasmatodea stuff is mostly just two
mono tracks. In all honesty, I could probably make do
with GarageBand or Audacity, but figured it might
be useful to learn how to operate a more powerful
DAW. I’d also like the ability to add to do basic
midi sequencing as well.

Pro Tools LE might be interesting, but the hardware
requirement is a bit offputting.

grimepoch and idontreadlj both
suggested Digital Performer. Any other suggestions
or recomendations?