While perusing the web page for Pure Data stumbled
across the site for dorkbot-nyc. Basically
a user group for people who do weird arty things with computers/electronics. Too
bad theres not a dorkbot-rtp. Not that I would have anything to contribute, but the
meetings look interesting.

Some of the folks presenting include Leon Gruenbaum
and his Samchillian Tip Tip Tip Cheeepeeee.
The interesting part is that the controllers selects pitch offsets from the last/current note instead
of absolute pitches. Ie, hitting +7 will result in playing a note a fifth higher than the current note,
and pressing it again will go another fifth higher. Simple, but really freaking clever, as I
cant think of any other instrument which can do that. The mp3 samples are pretty cool.
I didnt even realize I already own a cd with him playing that on it (Vernon Reid’s Mistaken
Identity cd…)

Another interesting project linked from dorkbots is Pocket POOL
or Performance-Oriented Oscillation Looper. Which is basically a Compaq iPaq handheld running
linux and custom software.