reading is hard

I read a lot of mailing lists. Mostly for various open source software projects. Most of them for work.

It would be cool to have a mailing list summary page. The page would scan the mailing lists, and post the content most likely to need attention. For software projects, this is stuff like:

  • Patches ( does this for patches to some degree)
  • urls to bug reports
  • urls to pastebin¬† or gists sites that are likely to contain errors or patches
  • things that look like error messages (segfaults, stack traces, etc)
  • links to SCM (either direct urls, or urls to web interfaces, github, bitbucket, etc)

Mailing list archive software could probably do this. Mailman has support for “topics” that are defined by regex’s. But the interface is poor.

And of course, an RSS feed for all of the above would be nice.

random thoughts

I wonder if there is any correlation between folks who are fontophiles and “neat” handwriting?¬† Aka, are people who are hyperaware of typography more or less likely to have “neat” handwriting? If I was in 8th grade, that would be my science project.

I would like to see a compilation of what people consider the best hiding spots in their homes. Maybe a 3d heatmap to visualize it. It would be an interesting set of data to see. The implications of collecting the data would be tough though. Might as well ask people what their secrets are, or what they use for passwords?