some youtube stuff

Conway Twitty and the Residents
Fred Frith and Eitetsu Hayashi. Pretty bad ass.
Link Wray – Rumble 1978
evelyn glennie and fred frith
Chris Cutler. Cutler was one of the cooler improv shows I’ve seen.
John Zorn – Bladerunner Project (w/ Lombardo Laswell Frith). Zorn deserves his Macarthur grant if for no other reason than thinking “Lets play weird improv music. And lets get the drummer from Slayer…”

It’s been a while since I looked though you tube

Talking Heads -Life During Wartime video bootlegg 1980 Featuring Adrian Belew. Awesome.
Adrian Belew (and David Bowie) – Pretty Pink Rose video

King Crimson – Easy Money live 1973, super low quaility
King Crimson – Sleepless video
King Crimson – Elephant Talk Live on “Fridays” in 1981. Awesome. Two of my favorite guitar solos back to back.
King Crimson – thela Hun Jineet From the same show. Great version of Thela.

Merzbow – live in korea
Merzbow – Minus Zero A Merzbow video? Sure, why not.

Killing Joke – Millineum
Killing Joke – 80’s (live>
Killing Joke – Money Is Not Our God
Killing Joke – A New Day. That video is so 80’s it hurts.
Geordie (from Killing Joke) in the studio

Rush – Fly By Night. So 70’s it hurts.
(This is a good point that I’ve thought that Geordie from Killing Joke and Alex from Rush shared some stylistic elements in their guitar playing. Mostly the use of suspended chords featuring lots of open strings, and heavy tones drenched in chorus. Granted, this isn’t a great example of a Rush song like that)
Rush – After Image. A better example of my above comment.

Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles – Live

Primus – Welcome To This World over a Missy Eliot video. W.T.F
Primus – To Defy The Laws Of Tradition Ancient live version from a radio show.
Primus – Too Many Puppies

Screaming Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You on Night Music
Bootsy Collins on Night Music
(The fact that “Night Music” isnt available on DVD, but “SuperNanny” is, is proof the world is not just)

Booker T and The MG’s – Green Onions. Totally. Bad. Ass.
Sun Ra’s verison of “Pink Elephants” from Dumbo with the video synced to his version.
“Some call me Mr. Ra… others call me Mr. Ree [mystery]”.
Fretless Guitar Festival. I have a fretless guitar. I’m a geek.
Mahivishnu Orchestra On “Don Kichsners Rock Concert”
Return To Forever – The Magician. Live.
Return To Forever – Space Circus
Return To Forever – ??
Return To Forever – Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy

Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Midnight Star – No Parking On The Dance Floor Electro much?
Midnight Star – Operator
Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock
Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express. For comparions