I posted a small script I use to help manage the git repo’s of func to github. It’s named gum[1].

The basic idea is you include a gum.conf config file in your repo, that defines where you can find all of the repo’s and branches of the project in question. It’s got a couple of commands to add list the repo’s, add a repo, or add all of the repo’s. It always names the branch in the form remotename-branchname.

I wrote it since it seemed I would end up with a different version of the git repo on every machine I used, and I got tired of tracking down remote and branch names to add them to each src checkout I was using.

[1] mainly to annoy skvidal ;->

reading is hard

I read a lot of mailing lists. Mostly for various open source software projects. Most of them for work.

It would be cool to have a mailing list summary page. The page would scan the mailing lists, and post the content most likely to need attention. For software projects, this is stuff like:

  • Patches ( does this for patches to some degree)
  • urls to bug reports
  • urls to pastebin¬† or gists sites that are likely to contain errors or patches
  • things that look like error messages (segfaults, stack traces, etc)
  • links to SCM (either direct urls, or urls to web interfaces, github, bitbucket, etc)

Mailing list archive software could probably do this. Mailman has support for “topics” that are defined by regex’s. But the interface is poor.

And of course, an RSS feed for all of the above would be nice.

wrt54g firmware

I’m setting up an old linksys wrt54g router with an open firmware. It’s currently got the latest version of <a href=””>Tomato</a> installed.

Anyone have any preferences for openwrt/etc and/or why?

web site session sites?

I sometimes find myself sitting at someone else’s computing using their web browser. With all of their sessions and cookies. So say, going to a given website I get their login.

I can log them out of their accounts and log me in, but thats annoying. Some firefox extensions exist that seem to support multiple users per browser, but that requires extensions.

I wonder if it would be possible to setup a proxy website that would store all my various session info so I could retain it as I switched machines.

I’m not exactly well versed in web stuff these days, but it seems like it should be doable. Maybe such a thing already exists.

shell history meme

Just thought this was kind of interesting.

work machine, user
[alikins@grimlock ~]$ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -nr|head
283 git
259 cd
173 ls
69 vim
36 su
19 cat
12 git-branch
11 man
10 cp
9 grep

work machine, root
[root@grimlock alikins]# history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -nr|head
123 make
109 rpm
87 ls
81 certmaster-ca
78 vim
76 func
64 cd
53 cat
44 yum
37 /etc/init.d/funcd


The main day of the fudCON talks were today. Seemed to go pretty well. I pitched two sessions, one on OLPCs/Asus EEEs/ultraportables, and another on func.

The OLPC session was more of a meetup/get together than a talk, and seemed to go pretty well. Unfortunately, it got scheduled against the talk, so I missed that.

My real talk was func, and the talk seemed to go well. I tried to keep the slides pretty slim and lightweight, and breezed though them pretty fast, but I think it went okay. I didn’t seem to get any of the vaguely aggressive questions in the Q&A these sort of talks usually get, so I’ll take that as a win.


I’ll be at FudCon this weekend. What is FUDcon? It’s like a BarCamp but for Fedora nerds.

I’ll be helping with the presentation on Func. I’m writing the slides at the moment. Yay! Slides! If there is anything someone wants me to include (photo, reference, curseword, etc) let me know and I’ll see what I can sneak in. My slide presentation philosophy is “leave them confused”.

You may also know me from other slides and hackfests like cobbler, pulp, olpc, eee, vidpress, and wknc.


My OLPC XO arrived yesterday. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with not one, but two tiny laptops. But what the hell, toys.

On that note, I noticed that sunday’s Simpsons featured an ad for the OLPC G1G1 program. Which is odd, since the program ended two weeks ago.

Nerd News

Tech Shop is coming to Durham

Gimp 2.4 released. I’ve got a couple small patches in this release (some of the photoshop brush (.abr) support, and the brush”jitter” stuff). Hopefully devel on 2.6 will start soon and maybe I can get a couple of my old patches included this time.

The Secret Life Of Machines are now available for download in multiple formats.

Func. My latest project from work is FUNC. It’s an idea I’ve been tossing around for years, and we finally sat down and churned it out. It’s basically a web services (in our case, xml-rpc) systems management framework that uses ssl for client and server auth with a pluggable backend for extending the api.