The time-warner DVR is painfully bad, and attempts at recording the olympics makes this even more obvious.

Various highlights:

– not recording anything for three days? The fix: hit the soft power on/off to “power cycle” it. Awesome.

– Deleting a recorded show _while_ I was watching it. 85% of the way done and black screen, go to the the “list” and the shows are gone. Awesome.

– There is no real way to prioritize season passes. The latest stuff is always higher priority. You have to delete a a show and readd it to the list to make it a higher priority. Awesome.

– If I’m watching something “live” (say, the olympics) I should be able to pause/rewind. Thats what DVR’s do. But no, this only sometimes works.

– It crashes alot. Weekly at least, sometimes more.

– The UI. Aiiiieee.

Anyone using a HD Tivo with time-warner? Any particular hassles I liked my old non-hd tivo’s alot.

random thoughts

I wonder if there is any correlation between folks who are fontophiles and “neat” handwriting?  Aka, are people who are hyperaware of typography more or less likely to have “neat” handwriting? If I was in 8th grade, that would be my science project.

I would like to see a compilation of what people consider the best hiding spots in their homes. Maybe a 3d heatmap to visualize it. It would be an interesting set of data to see. The implications of collecting the data would be tough though. Might as well ask people what their secrets are, or what they use for passwords?


Went to BarCampRDU yesterday. Good turn out this year it seemed.

I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as the previous years. But that may of been because I went to mostly low key talks about stuff I was already well versed in. That and what now feels like an oncoming cold may of made me more jaded than usual[1].

I thought about giving a talk on Func, but not sure it was really the right crowd. Func, btw, is the project I’m spending most of my time on at work now a days. It’s, surprise, a linux based systems mangement utility. I guess I’m stuck in a rut in that regard.

[1]And these days, when it comes to trendy tech stuff, I can be pretty jaded. And there was plenty of trendy tech stuff at BarCamp.