personal book search

random idea: It would be cool, if you could combine a personal book database with an online book search engine.

aka, search for “sendmail smallblock fuzzface” in the full text of books, but only the books I own.

Be it something like Delicious Library, or even say, Amazons knowledge of what books I’ve bought, I still think this would be handy.

Even if the search only returned a paragraph or so of context, along with page numbers.

Bonus points if it could also search books friends own, or say, the nearest library.

greensboro ride

Spent the day going for a ride. Headed out towards Greensboro, heading along “Greensboro-Chapel Hill Road”, aka “football road”.
Pretty good ride with one exception[1]. About 200 miles in total. Hit some roads in Chatham County, and alot in Alamanance County.

[1] See next entry.